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Trending-Miami Swim Week 2016: Sephora Collection for Mara Hoffman

Trending-Miami Swim Week 2016: Sephora Collection for Mara Hoffman

The Look: The beauty look for Mara Hoffman Swim 2016 is defined by a dark, sultry eye and bronzed skin with a luminous finish. Inspired by mysterious Moroccan beauty, the look mirrors the exotic attributes of this season’s collection.

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To create the face, Ilde Goncalves and SEPHORA PRO used the following products:


For the Face:



Pro Tip: To give your cheeks dimension and structure, play with multiple contour shades focusing the darkest shade in the hollows of the cheek. To add a sun kissed glow, apply liquid luminizer in a C shape around the eye and tops of the cheekbones.


For the Eyes:



Pro Tip: For a sultry look, use a smudge brush to smoke out the kohl liner around the eye and inner rim. Finish with generous coats of mascara.



For the Lips:

Pro Tip: Pat foundation on the lips with a lip brush to tone down any redness when creating a nude lip. Layer two tones of beige and light brown lipsticks to create a tridimensional lip. Blot with powder for a long-lasting, matte finish.

About Sephora PRO:

Sephora PRO is comprised of 15 extraordinary Sephora makeup artists working throughout North America. A rigorous testing and evaluation process was conducted to ensure that only Sephora’s most elite artists are selected for this prestigious team, representing the company at a variety of high profile national and local events and in various media opportunities.


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