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CeleBeauty Watch: Will You Buy Nicki Minaj’s New Fragrance?

CeleBeauty Watch: Will You Buy Nicki Minaj’s New Fragrance?

It seems requisite now that celebrities license their name for fragrance deals that net them millions, with little work involved.  That may not be such a bad thing.After all, Jennifer Lopez opened the floodgates of low-commitment with mega-return when she started the celebrity-endorsed fragrance trend.

And let's not forget Elizabeth Taylor whose own fragrance empired netted her millions. Britney Spears' first fragrance, Curious, sold over $100 Million in it's first year alone. Since then dozens of celebrities, men and women, from Beyonce´ to Justin Bieber have jumped on the fragrance gravy train.  

Not to be left out of the easy-money celebrity fragrance gig, Nicki Minaj recently released her signature fragrance, Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj Eau de Parfum, housed in a quirky bottle that's reminiscent of Jean Paul Gaultier's (classic) Classique bottles.  

About Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj Eau de Parfum:

An intoxicating fragrance by Nicki Minaj. The sparkling fragrance imparts a playful cloud of pink floral petals that whisper the sultry warmth of fruit, vanilla, skin musks and woods.
– Top: The fragrance opens with mouth-watering fruits and exotic notes of starfruit, Italian mandarin and succulent boysenberry that linger in a thirst-quenching sweetness.
– Heart: Whipped with pink shades of floralcy, the decadent bouquet inspires angels to play through a cloud of electric lotus flower and starry jasmine petals.
– Base: The creamy indulgence of vanilla and caramelized pear bask in the sultry warmth of musks and woods to wrap the skin with an addictive sensation.
By Nicki Minaj.


Get your Pink Friday here:




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