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Green Day Thursday: Organic Sun Protection & Correction

Green Day Thursday: Organic Sun Protection & Correction

Sometimes, despite our best efforts at practicing safe sun, a at the (insert one)  beach/park/water park/ in the sun results in a day of feeling the burn.  Often times, we forget to folow the basic rules of sun protection—applying 30 minutes before sun exposure, reapplying, and not using enough sunscreen to efficiently do the job.

Have you ever tossed back a shot of (insert one) vodka/whiskey/bourbon/gin/rum/tequila?  Yes?   Then you know exactly how much sunscreen to use.  An adult should use at least a shot glass full of sunscreen or about an ounce for your entire body.

Basic Math:

So how much does SPF 15 plus SPF 15 equal?  No, the answer is not 30.  It's 15.  

So how high an SPF do you need?  Answer these questions:

1.  How long does it take you to burn?

2.  Multiply the SPF factor by the time is takes you to burn.

3.  What's is your answer?

If you burn in 5 minutes, and your SPF is 15, then you are good for 75 minutes.  Get it?  

One more.  You burn in 20 minutes.  You are using an SPF 30.  How long are your protected?  Be the first to email me the answer to this, you you will get a one of the products we have recommended below. 


Our top 5 Green Sunscreens:

1. Face: Try Jurlique Sun Lotion SPF 30+ 


2.  Body:  Try—Nature's Gate Aloe Sunblock SPF 30 $8.99

3.  Lips:  Try: Burt's BeesLip BalmStick SPF15 $3

4.  Hair:  Try—Phyto Phytoplage Protective Beach Spray $22

5.  After Sun:  Try—Melvita After Sun Body Milk $28








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