Product Review—Makeup: Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Eye Liner

Product Review—Makeup: Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Eye Liner

Every woman I know has a special affinity for eyeliner. I mean, it’s pretty much the product that makes us look…alive. Mysterious. Sexy. Depending of course on how you apply it. With the plethora of eyeliner formulas, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which is best — pencil, liquid, gel, cream — the list goes on. I personally love gel or cream liners as they allow for flexibility and are generally easier to apply.

My latest favorite gel liner is the Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Eye Liner.

Here are the details of Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Eye Liner:

Constellation Gel Eye Liner Enchanted Black OpalHave you ever gazed into the night sky and experienced the rich velvety blanket of darkness harmoniously decorated with twinkling diamonds of light? Now you can capture the beauty of the night sky in a classic cat eye or a sultry smoky eye.  Constellation Gel Liner allows you to achieve a variety of looks from a striking liner to a shimmering shadow that is long-wearing, smudge-proof and will last from dusk till dawn.


  • Gently press the tip of the applicator into the pot to load color. Tap off excess to avoid fall out. Starting at the inner corners, dot along the upper lash line and wiggle the brush to blend.
  • For the classic cat eye: Slightly extend the end of the liner past the lash line.
  • For a smoldering smoky look: Use brush to blend product upward and away from the lash line. Soften edges using finger.

My results:

First let’s talk about the ease of application with Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Eye Liner. This creamy liner literally glides on. And the brush that comes with it is a little jewel. I tend to throw away mini-brushes that come with products, but this one actually does a great job at getting your eyeliner on with precision. I was able to apply a thin line of liner, and then bump it up to a wider line (my preference for my eyes). It’s also easy to create a winged-out cat eye with the accompanying brush. For an ultra think line, I recommend a liner brush.

Milani Cosmetics Constellation Gel Eye Liner wears well, but you have to let it dry down for quite awhile as compared to other eyeliners.  I recommend applying a nude eyeshadow to help “hold” it or use an eye primer as it will “stick” to the crease of the eyelid if you open your eyes too soon after application.

The colors — vary from deep and dark to more neutral and I love that variety.

milani eyeliner

Bling Factor:

Pro: Easy to use, long wearing, creamy

Con: Takes awhile to dry

Price: $5.99

Buy Again: Yes but they are limited edition

Packaging: 4 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings

Hero Ingredient: N/A

Natural/Organic/Vegan: No

Cruelty Free: Yes

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