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Product Review—Makeup: IMAN Cosmetics BB Crème SPF 15

Product Review—Makeup: IMAN Cosmetics BB Crème SPF 15

I’m a huge fan of tinted moisturizers, and this new breed of tinted moisturizers which go a step farther with some skin treatment attributes, are all the rage. This is where the BB Cream and CC Cream proliferation enters.  There is a BB Cream for every skin type and skin color, and thankfully, there is a lovely BB Cream made specifically for women of color—IMAN Cosmetics BB Crème SPF 15, and I’m  a fan.

Iman Cosmetics BB Creme_ClayMedDeep_sealHere are the details about IMAN Cosmetics BB Crème SPF 15:

IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15….skin care and color combined to even, protect, tone and compliment YOUR skin tones like no other BB Cream ever has!

  • Evens with Skin Tone Evener Complex enriched with Acai, Licorice & Grape Seed
  • Protects with SPF 15 & antioxidants
  • Hydrates with Kokum, Almond, Aloe and Vitamins A, E & C
  • Paraben-Free
  • Compliments your skin tone with a hint of color in 5 perfect-match shades

My results:

I used my IMAN BB Cream over cleansed  and moisturized skin, even though it provides hydration.  I found that the color I chose was a bit too dark (Clay Medium Deep), but by the time I applied over my entire face, it blended well, and I looked like I had a week in the Caribbean!  So, I do appreciate that this BB Cream is forgiving — meaning that it blends seamlessly.

The formula is lightweight and a small amount goes a very long way.  Additionally, my skin had a nice “glow” after application, and all I added was a touch of blush for an easy day makeup look.  For someone with pretty clear skin, and they want to add a tad bit of color, this is the perfect choice.  For someone with uneven skin tone, this again is the perfect choice as IMAN BB cream has ingredients that contain skin correcting properties.

iman bb swatchFor me, in my 50’s I need more moisture, and I felt a bit dry with this BB Cream, so I would recommend that someone who has dryer skin, bump up the moisturizer before applying. I like the velvety finish–it has the feel of a semi-matte foundation, but lighter.

I think this is a great choice for everyday wear, and even for a pre-foundation prep.  Just apply a dab  of foundation where you really need it to bump up the coverage.

Bling Factor:

Pro: SPF 15, great ingredients, good color matching,

Con: Not moisturizing enough for dryer skin

Price: $20

Packaging: 4 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings

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