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Monday Makeup Fix: Help I’ve Got a Cold

coldSo it’s Saturday night, you have a hot date or reservations at the best new restaurant in town or major concert tickets AND you have a cold. I’m not talking H1N1, just your plain old sniffles, got the blahs kind of a cold. Sexy is just not in your game plan. Cowgirl up sister. You can do this. Don’t let Mr. Right, or superb sushi or Maxwell pass you by.


It’s Monday and you have a major presentation at work. You just can’t miss and you have to look like you are the most together woman on the planet. So suck on some zinc, pop some vitamin c, put on your hottest power suit and fiercest pumps and follow quick tips for faking looking like you are feeling 100%.

I was fighting a cold last week and I looked bad. Not bad as in good, bad is in awful, yuck, get some sleep, hate me because I’m not beautiful. After taking time off work, I had to face the music and get back to the grind. But I still looked like walking dead. Well, being the makeup artist that I am, I pulled a few tricks out of my hat (or should I say makeup kit?) that woke me up and made me look like I was among the living.

Here are a few quick tips to get your SEXY BACK!

1. De-Puff. Get rid of teary, puffy, generally puffy eyes with an eye gel. My favorite is from the men’s aisle, but I love it and it works. Nickel Eye Contour Lift.

hope in a jar

hope in a jar

2. Moisturize. My skin was tight because the last thing I cared about the last few days was putting on moisturizer. Plus the antihistamines had me dried out. So, slather on some moisturizer, it will give your skin a little glow and plump it up. I love Philosophy Hope in a Jar.
3. Foundation. I don’t wear foundation everyday. I just naturally have beautiful glowing skin. Ok, I’m kidding. I’m lazy. But on a day when a cold is wreaking havoc with your skin, it can be a lifesaver. Choose one that is illuminating with a medium coverage. Stila Liquid Illuminating Foundation is perfect. It gives the perfect artificial glow that makes you look like you are emanating youthful radiance. That’s a slight exaggeration. You do need the foundation. Apply under eyes, around the nose (covering the red if you have been blowing), and feather from the center your face. Please do not spread your foundation on like spackle from hairline to jawline. Remember, light application, you just want to even out your skin tone. (I use 60 Watts)

4. Concealer. If the foundation isn’t enough to cover your under eye rings, apply some concealer. Try to avoid the halo look though. Start in the inner eye area near the bridge of the nose and feather out under the eye. Your concealer should be close to skin tone or a shade lighter.

Laura Geller Sunswept

Laura Geller Sunswept

5. Blush. Blush is your friend. It adds color, brightens your tone and makes the eyes sparkle. I love Laura Geller baked blushes. Sunswept mixes a peachy pink, bronzewith a subtle sheen is an all time best seller and works well on almost all skins. Lovejoy is ideal for medium, olive, tan and dark skins. I have even been known to layer those two.

6. Define eyebrows. If you brows are nicely groomed, you can get away with a lot less eye makeup. Fill them in with a little powder if they need definition, otherwise, brush them into shape.

7. Apply a neutral  shadow with a slight sheen to lids, up to crease. Try Champagne or Ambient by Smashbox.

8. Apply lots of mascara to upper lashes only.

9. Avoid black liner like the plague, especially under the eye. This only draws attention the already present darkness.
10. Use a light shimmery gloss.
Not too much color — just enough to perk you up. Clinique Superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in Ginger is a perennial favorite of mine.

This makeup should take no more than 5 minutes tops. And you will look fabulous. And when you look fabulous, you feel fabulous. Aside from that, sip on your herbal tea, suck those vapor cough drops and get plenty of rest.

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3 Responses to Monday Makeup Fix: Help I’ve Got a Cold

  1. herbalecstacy March 17, 2010 at 6:57 am

    Hey, just came here after a quick yahoo search. Neat blog you have here! Keep it up!

  2. Tracey Brown
    Tracey December 1, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Hi Lynn,

    This was so great to hear. Thank you for leaving your comment. That makes me feel like I’m really saying something worthwhile!

  3. Lynn November 30, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    I didn’t get to tell you that I used your method the very day I read it. I had to finally leave my house after being cooped up for almost a week between me and my kids being sick. Your methods work and I worked it when I got to where I was going! Everyone was like “sick looks good on you!” Nice right? ;oP

    My best, Lynn

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