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Michelle Obama Style: It May Be President’s Day But It’s All About the First Lady

Michelle Obama Style: It May Be President’s Day But It’s All About the First Lady

First Lady Michelle Obama has been on the watch list of fashionistas since her husband, President Barack Obama was sworn into office.  

Known for her understated style, penchant for lesser-known designers and ability to mix high-end with accessible off-the-rack, mass market brands, M'Obama has fashion sense that has been unparalled  since the Camelot days of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.  

The First Lady's favorites are are disparate as Alexander McQueen and J. Crew.  She has made the cardigan sweater (particularly when worn with a snappy belt) a mainstay. Her affection for Jason Wu takes her from couture to Target. First Lady Obama makes chic simple, or as Mikki Taylor, Essence Editor-at-Large refers to her, the "Commander in Chic."

With toned arms, flawless makeup, and elegant hair that always fits the occasion, Michelle Obama is a lesson in how to make a fashion statement—put your personal stamp on classics, mix it up and strut with confidence.

We love many facets of Michelle Obama's impeccable style, but we picked our top 5 favorites to highlight for President's Day: Those awesome arms that have set women on fire with bicep curls at the gym, her cardigan collection, her on-spot makeup, that consistently coiffed hair and her glam factor when she steps out in a gown with The President.

1.  Arms

Michelle's official White House portrait said all that needed to be said about toned arms.  Since then, she has donned numerous dresses and gowns that showcase one of her best assets.


2.  Hair

Bob, updo, curls, bangs, or free flowing, The First Lady's hair is always on point.

3.  Cardigans

Michelle Obama has made the classic cardigan a go-to for the working woman and a chic choice for evening attire.  Argyle, beaded, belted, brights and prints are all within the scope of everyday fashion for the First Lady.  We also love how she repurposes her cardigans for different occasions—add a belt, a string of pearls, change up the skirt and a new outfit is in full effect.

4.  Makeup

Less is more.  The First Lady exemplifies the "5 minute face."  You too can simplify your makeup routine.

1.  Even Complexion

2.  Groomed Brows

3.  Defined Eyes

4. Cheek Color

5.  Lip Color

5.  Evening Gowns

First Lady Michelle Obama has worn several evening gowns that are ahhhhh worthy, but our favorite is the sequined Peter Soronen corset gown, accessorized with ropes of crystals and pearls by Tom Binns that she wore for the the National Governors' Association Dinner on February 22, 2009.


Do you have a favorite look that Michelle Obama has worn over the past four years?  Please share!

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