Manly Man Product Review: Kent & Bond Body Brick Sampler

Manly Man Product Review: Kent & Bond Body Brick Sampler

Kent & Bond, a new player in the men’s grooming market, has taken the Tom’s philosophy of giving, and made it the core philosophy of their brand. And, we, at Blinging Beauty, happen to love brands that give back.

kent and bond logoGiving is at the core of Kent & Bond. We believe that it is possible to sell a great product and help people at the same time. Buy 1, We Give 1 was a concept that we immediately gravitated to. With so many people around the world without access to hygiene products we knew that this would be an area where we could make a difference.
This is such an important part of what we do because soap donation has the ability to play a big role in helping impoverished people around the world. Research shows that simple soap washing can reduce the risk of death from diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infection by 50%; both of which are responsible for millions of deaths each year.
With your help we can ensure that everyone has access to hygienic products.
We also happen to be major fans of organic products, and guess what? Kent & Bond believes that only the best ingredients come in contact with your skin. We do too.
We wanted to bring men products that are directly from nature and rustic in origin. For the man who appreciates craft and traditionally made goods, our products are simple by design, yet robust in function.
Beyond having goods that are directly connected to nature, our products are superior to chemical based alternatives. Simply put, everything that you scrub on, rub in, and lather up, should be as chemical free as the food you eat. With at least 60% of what goes on your skin being absorbed into your body, going organic can protect you from toxic chemicals. And while some toxins aren’t harmful right away, they can accumulate in your body over long term daily use.
By using organic ingredients we ensure that each of our products are made with the purest formulas and are free of harmful toxins.
With all that being said, we were thrilled to try out a Kent & Bond Body Brick Sampler ($15). Here are the details about the soaps:

Kent and Bond body brick samplerThis pack provides a convenient way to sample each of our 5 Body Brick scents. Includes 1.25 ounce bars in each scent.

 – A rich-lather bar that cleanses without stripping moisture; ideal for daily use.

 – Base oils are 100% certified organic and rich in vitamins.

 – Natural vegetable glycerin maintains skin’s water balance.
– Made in small batches and aged for 3 months. Each bar is hand-cut and pressed.

Set Includes: Sweet Cedarwood, Charcoal Pine, Brisk Peppermint, Ultramarine, & Forest Musk

My results:
My first reaction to receiving the Kent & Bond Body Brick Sampler was that I was getting the short end of the stick, but when I opened the first packet, the aroma of the soap was so appealing that I knew I was on to something great. I recently took my annual golf trip and decided to pack these soaps as I am extremely picky about my grooming products and I thought that having my Kent & Bond Soaps with me as opposed to using hotel soaps would be the best bet. And it was.
Kent & Bond soaps lather like crazy, but are long lasting. The sampler sizes lasts for a couple showers each.  Each Kent & Bond soap has a very clear and dedicated aroma.  The was the soaps integrate with my body chemistry is perfect. I like the different colors and fragrances  — particularly the ones that give off a woody and mint scent. Your woman will love smelling you straight  out of the  shower. These soaps smell so good, she may even join you in the shower…
Bling Factor:
Pro: Lathers up well, rinses clean, great scents, long-lasting
Con: None
Price: Sampler $15, Full size brick $14
Buy Again: Yes
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings
Hero Ingredient: Organic base oils
Natural/Organic/Vegan: Yes, organic
Cruelty Free: Yes
Below are the full-size bars and scents:
kent and bond brisk peppermint
Crisp and smooth, this bar will have you feeling fresh. Peppermint extract cools skin and kills bacteria. Organic shea butter makes for a moisture-rich formula that leaves the body feeling hydrated.
kent and bond charcoal pine
Pine essential oils make for a diffusive yet subtle scent. Made with pumice to gently exfoliate your skin. This black bar is infused with activated charcoal, which works as a natural cleanser, purging skin of impurities and toxins. It lathers up grey, but will rinse off clean.
kent and bond forest musk
Brings a energizing yet relaxing wilderness experience to your shower with essential oils of pine and juniper. Finely ground juniper berries exfoliate, leaving your skin smooth.
kent and bond sweet cedarwood
Made with Atlas Cedar essential oil that is blended with subtle floral notes. Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, with chia seed to scrub away dirt and rough patches.
kent and bond ultramarine
  A crisp blend, using Litsea essential oil, and hints of drift wood. Inspired by the sea, this bar makes for a truly refreshing yet masculine scent. Sea salt and pumice act as gentle exfoliants.


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