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Jones Magazine: the [skin]ny — Top 5 Exfoliators

Jones Magazine: the [skin]ny — Top 5 Exfoliators

The [skin]ny with Tracey Brown: Winter Skincare:

The Top 5 Exfoliators


If your skin is looking a little dull and lackluster due to the Winter cold, it is probably in need of a little polishing. The best way to get your skin glowing is with a good exfoliation.
As we age, the natural exfoliation process called desquamation, in which the upper layer of skin cells shed with regularity slows down. So to keep a youthful glow, we need to accelerate the process with a top-notch exfoliant.
The benefits of regular exfoliation include:
·       Improved texture and tone
·       Better penetration of treatments and moisturizers
·       Unclogs pores
·       Diminishes fine lines
Available in mechanical (scrubs) and chemical (alpha hydroxyl acids, retinol), exfoliants are a necessary component of your weekly skin care regimen.
Our picks for the best scrubs to “rub you the right way”:
1. Clean Sweep
Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser $35
Bonus: This cleanser combines the best of mechanical and chemical exfoliants
2. Sweet Sticky Thing
Ole Henriksen Sugar Glow Face Scrub $38
Bonus: Sugar, African Red Tea and honey refine and polish
3. Best of Both Worlds
DERMADoctor Physical Chemistry $75
Bonus: A multi-acid resurfacing complex and polymer beads polish skin with physically and chemically.
4. Zit Zapper
Alba Natural ACNEdote $15
Bonus: Contains natural salicylic acid – willow bark, and aloe vera for purifying and calming.
5.     In Lieu of Microdermabrasion
Lierac Micro-Abrasion $38
Bonus: Contains 25% Alumina crystals


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