How to Look Chic While you Stuff Your Turkey…or Yourself

How to Look Chic While you Stuff Your Turkey…or Yourself

I originally posted this last year.   We have our turkey on Sunday because we don’t traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving.  But my tips are universally appropriate for any woman who is entertaining at any time!

It’s not always easy to look glamorous and beautiful when you are having a throw down meal. I mean, that’s basically what holiday meals are all about right? People eat until they are stuffed. Then they look and feel horrible afterward. And all too often, the glam factor is nowhere in place, particularly if you have to hide the fact that you have unzipped your jeans for extra room.

And what if you are preparing a feast for friends and family? Can you possibly look cool, calm collected and too cute for words at the same time?

Well, I’m here to tell you, you can do it. You can stuff the turkey and turn around and stuff yourself and look lovely while doing so. Let’s start with what to wear.

Leggings are very popuLeggings_6914lar this season — yet again. Now, while most of my sightings of women in leggings tend to be a Glamour “Don’t”, you don’t have to become a fashion faux pas statistic. On a day like this, when you are going to be shuffling around your kitchen non-stop cooking, and then serving, and of course gobbling (no pun intended) up the goodness you have created, it’s perfectly permissible to wear them. Leggings expand, just like your stomach. This is a good thing.

Now, what to pair with the leggings? Tunics are also quite popular this season. Now is the time to cover those leggings with a cute tunic. Choose styles with hints of shimmer or texture in the finish that whisper festive. And remember to be sure the tunic covers your tush and your tummy. That’s the whole point here – camouflage sister, camouflage. If you are daring, you can rock a belt with your tunic. And when the proper time comes, just toss it in the closet and let it all hang out.

Finish with cute ballerina slippers. And you are set, an adorable outfit, built for gorging.Chanel_ballerina_butterboom

Next, hair. Keep it simple. Pony tail or pulled back with a head band. No one wants to find a dreaded hair in their food…I love Garnier Fructis Sleek & Hold Styling Cream. It keeps the frizz factor down while you are in the kitchen.

Makeup. Keep that simple too. Start with a tinted moisturizer. I love Smashbox Sheer Focus. Bobbi Brown’s Gel Bronzer is another ideal choice for fresh skin. Apply a little healthy color on your cheeks. Try cream blush – I love The Multiple by NARS. Available in a plethora of colors, this multi-tasker goes from cheek, to eye to lip. I love them. Finish with a little lipstain. Kiss the baby and sip wine while your lip color stays intact. CoverGirl has every color you can imagine.

Follow these simple tips, and you will look fabulous stuffing, carving and eating your turkey.

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