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How Laser Treatments Can Tighten Sagging Skin

How Laser Treatments Can Tighten Sagging Skin

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It’s commonly said regarding the aging of richly pigmented Black skin, “Black don’t crack.” While it’s true that women of color don’t wrinkle like their fairer counterparts, their skin does age – just in different ways. The primary two ways aging is seen in the skin of black women and other women of color is an uneven skin tone or hyperpigmentation, and in a loss of elasticity or what we commonly call sagging.

Sagging skin is unsightly and frustrating, but it is not something you have to live with. Thanks to multiple skincare industry advancements, you now have many treatment options at your disposal. One of those is laser style skin tightening. But before you sign up for such a procedure based solely on what you have heard about it you have to delve into the world of laser style skin tightening. Only then will you know if it is something you really want to try.

How Much Sagging Lasers Can Treat

The degree of skin sagging you have will influence your eligibility for laser treatment. One or two mild wrinkles should not be treated with lasers. There are many more cost effective options, such as medicated skin creams. Similarly, excessively sagging skin cannot be treated with lasers because lasers can only tighten skin to a certain point. Therefore, if you have excessive sags, surgery may be a better choice. The best results will be obtained from laser treatment when you have a moderate degree of sagginess.

Other Factors That May Influence Laser Treatment Eligibility

There are also other factors that can influence your laser treatment eligibility. For example, your age can be a factor. Laser treatment is not recommended if you are under 30 years of age. If you are over 60 years of age you may also not be recommended for aesthetics-lasers treatment, since your skin may have lost too much elasticity to be repaired in that manner.

You also need to be careful about laser treatment selection if your hair is lighter in color than your skin or your skin is particularly dark. That is because many lasers target hairs by focusing on their darker colors against the lighter backgrounds of the skin around them. Although, there are some lasers that can still tighten your skin regardless of its pigmentation. You just need to take the time to consult an expert clinician and identify the right machine based on the type of skin you have.

Conditions Laser Skin Tightening Can Treat

Lasers are capable of tightening skin in various ways. They are commonly used for facial skin tightening. For example, they can help to eliminate crow’s feet. They can also be used for jowl reduction. But their uses are not limited to the face. You can also use them to tighten skin on other parts of your body, as long as the sagging has not become severe yet.

The Laser Skin Tightening Procedure You Will Undergo

When you decide to undergo laser skin tightening you must arrive at the clinic without any perfumes or other foreign materials on the surface of your skin. When it is time for your treatment the clinician will wash the skin in the treatment area and apply antibacterial ointment to it. Then he or she will use a cooling salve to keep the lasers from burning your skin too much during the procedure. As the laser is passed over your skin it will encourage the tightening and increased production of elastin and collagen. Together, those materials can help to pull skin cells together, reducing wrinkles.

At-Home Post Procedural Care Instructions

Your clinician will give you post procedural care instructions to follow at home. Those instructions may vary slightly, depending on the exact treatment you have. However, one universal instruction is that you must keep the treated area out of the sun for some length of time after your appointment. You will also need to use a moisturizing cream to keep your skin healthy while it heals.

Drugstore brands like Aquaphor, CereVe and Cetaphil are perfect for your at home use. Below are some dermatologist approved options for you.

Post laser treatment skin care options:






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