Blinging Mommy: Nicole Ari Gets Glam Quick with a Pop of Pink!

Blinging Mommy: Nicole Ari Gets Glam Quick with a Pop of Pink!

Blinging Mommy’s on-the-go are always looking for the next best Get Glam Quick Tip!  And lucky for us, it seems Hot Pink lips are a trend once again.  
This pink lipstick trend offers a quick transition from an everyday look to Knock em' Dead Glamour, upping the Bling Meter instantly to 10! 

Brightly-hued pink lips can be a little frightening for some, but don’t fret, there is a way to pull off the pink appeal without channeling too much Nikki Minaj, just as Nicole Ari Parker has done below. 
For Nicole’s Hot Pink Lip follow these steps:

1.  First thing to consider when looking at the various colors is zeroing in on a highly pigmented pink lipstick. A high-charged pink open up the face and can make luscious lips your focal point, but remember to keep the rest of your makeup clean and low-key. You want to channel “pretty in pink”, not a too high maintenance look.

2.  Bypass the lip pencil if you’d like, however, to avoid creep-age, use a lip pencil that’s as close to the lip color as possible.
3.  Next, apply the lip color using a brush to maintain control of the coverage.
4.  Dust translucent powder over lips, then apply another coat of lipstick.
5.  Top off with a swipe of a glistening pink tinted lipgloss.

To complete this look, be sure to keep the rest of your make-up subtle, as you don’t want to look too overdone, nor do you want your lips competing with the rest of your look. Try intense, but clean eye makeup using just eyeliner and mascara, (skip the eyeshadow). Keep skin flawless by using smooth and clean foundation for a little coverage, and a touch of luminizer or bronzer, then you're done!

Top 5 Hot Pink Lipsticks!






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