Manly Man: Superbowl 2012 Team Similarities—Yup, It’s Moisturizer

Manly Man: Superbowl 2012 Team Similarities—Yup, It’s Moisturizer

The star Patriots quarterback and cornerback share more than their 2012 Super Bowl hopes this year, they also both count Palmer’s as their favorite brand of moisturizer. Tom Brady has been spotted with the classic Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion in his locker room before and after games. The secret to his legendary soft football touch perhaps?

And as for cornerback Devin McCourty, him and his twin brother Jason (a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans) recently signed on as the spokespeople for Palmer’s brand-new Cocoa Butter Formula Men’s Body & Face Lotion.

The moisturizer is an ideal do-it-all hydration companion for active men looking for a simple and effective grooming routine for rough dry skin. Having been fans of the Palmer’s signature products since they were young, the twins are perfect ambassadors for the new Lotion.

Their TV ads are currently airing on ESPN leading up to the Super Bowl. Looks like Devin is tackling dry skin and opposing offenses simultaneously. Perhaps he passed Palmer’s newest skin care secret for men onto his teammate and fellow fan, Tom Brady!

See the following link to Devin and Jason’s Palmer’s commercial:





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