Product Review—Makeup: COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick in Smooch #850

Product Review—Makeup: COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick in Smooch #850

What's better than one great lipstick? Two great lipsticks in one package, that's what! New from  COVERGIRL, Blast FlipstickS are all the rave this season and I had the chance to try them out to see if the Blast Flipstick is Blinging Beauty approved! About COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick: What it does: This double ended lipstick equipped […]

Blinging Mommy: Nicole Ari Gets Glam Quick with a Pop of Pink!

Blinging Mommy: Nicole Ari Gets Glam Quick with a Pop of Pink!

Blinging Mommy’s on-the-go are always looking for the next best Get Glam Quick Tip!  And lucky for us, it seems Hot Pink lips are a trend once again.     This pink lipstick trend offers a quick transition from an everyday look to Knock em' Dead Glamour, upping the Bling Meter instantly to 10!  Brightly-hued […]

$45 Lipstick? Or $60? Yea, Maybe

I used to think that buying a tube of Chanel lipstick was going all out on luxury for my lips. But no, uh-uh.  Not anymore.  Lipsticks are coming in with price tags that are really nuts.  What are we paying for?  I suppose it’s the status of that designer packaging, because no one really knows […]

I Got Profiled — What’s Your Lipstick Say About You?

I was rummaging through my makeup case the other day for a certain lipgloss which was not present and accounted for and had a flashback to watching  Let’s Make A Deal when I was a kid.  I remember Monty Hall would tell a woman, “I will give you $100 for each lipstick you have in […]

More Pink Beauty

I just listed my top 5 pink beauty goodies  yesterday.  Today I open my email from Sephora, and low and behold, they have a little pink beauty bundle for lips.  Get Pink’d Pink Lip Deluxe Sampler ($80 Value) $37, contains the following: What it is: Sephora packed their favorite, pretty-in-pink lip products in one box—so you […]

How about a Red Lipstick for Summer?

I love red lipstick.  Back to the days when I thought I was Sade with my overly defined superdark eye brows, pony tail and MAC Russian Red lipstick up to today, I’m still a red lipstick freak.  I must have a dozen in regular rotation, not to mention the ones in my professional kit.  NARS and […]

Simple Pleasures — How About a New Lipstick?

I’ve been hit by our economic  downturn as have most of my friends.  It’s pretty distressing to see savings and investments go down the drain.  Or to lose a job or a home for that matter.  But, do we have to live in a state of deprivation?  Well, I couldn’t get that fall Dior bag I […]