$45 Lipstick? Or $60? Yea, Maybe

I used to think that buying a tube of Chanel lipstick was going all out on luxury for my lips. But no, uh-uh.  Not anymore.  Lipsticks are coming in with price tags that are really nuts.  What are we paying for?  I suppose it’s the status of that designer packaging, because no one really knows if you are wearing budget or prestige.  Check out the latest and greatest pricey lipsticks.

tom-ford-lip-ad1. Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color $45

Why it’s so pricey: Formulated with rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, the luxurious formula has an ultra-creamy texture for an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.

My take: Well, judging from that ad, if I can get that kind of action, maybe it’s worth the price tag.  But I still have questions.  What kind of special treatment did those pigments get?  A massage? Unless a ton of money drops in my lap tonight, this will be a no.

cle-de-peau-extra-rich-lipstick2. Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick $60

Why it’s so pricey: The first lipstick formulated with Vitamin A Acetate creates a creamy, rich texture that feels as though the lips are intensely moisturized with every application.
Key Ingredients:
• Vitamin A Acetate: Helps to prevent and diminish lines and retain moisture, creating full, smooth-looking lips.
• Exclusive Transparent Red Powder: A special pigment with spherical powders emits a vibrant, translucent red color that retains its radiance without dulling.
• Baguette Diamond Shape: Achieves the precision and beautiful finish as if applied with a lip brush. Corners of baguette shape are designed to draw smooth, natural lines and fill in the corners and edges of the lips.

My take: Vitamin A, nothing new.  Transparent red power?  Hmmm, not so sure what that is.  Sounds interesting.  Baguette Diamond Shape?  Gimme a break. This is some great marketing.  How long will those corners last?

Oh, if $60 is too much for a Cle de Peau lipstick, they do have one priced at $55.

sisely-phyto-lip-shine3.  Sisely Paris Phyto-Lip Shine $50

Why it’s so pricey: A formula with skincare benefits for plump, luscious lips.
The lightweight texture is both nutritive and gentle on the fragile lip area; it feels irresistibly soft, imperceptible and non-sticky.
Leaves lips perfectly moisturized, supple, smooth, and protected from external aggressions.
Available in ultra-luminous, luscious, fruity colors.

My take: They need to really step up the product description for my bucks.  And I want my lips to be perceptible.  Really, really perceptible.

Considering that I snagged a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s at Nordstrom rack for $50 I think I will reserve my precious dollars for pricey shoes at a sale price.

What about you?  How much will you spend on a tube of lipstick?  Do share!

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