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What I’m Loving Now: Vichy Aqualia Antiox 24 Hour Moisturizing Fluid

Double duty, even triple duty skin care products are always my first choice. I want one magic potion that can do it ALL. While I haven’t found a dream cream yet that keeps my face firm and helps me lose 25 pounds of unwanted fat simultaneously, I have started using a new daily moisturizer — Vichy Aqualia Antiox SPF 12.

Vichy Aqualia Antiox makes claims of moisturizing your skin for 24 hours.  Hmmmm, does it really work?  Well, I put it to the test.  And I can’t really say that I experienced 24 hours of moisturization, (I cleanse at night), this lovely fluid did keep my skin moist for the duration of the day.  YAY!  It’s quite lightweight, so I have no problem layering more sunscreen or foundation on top.

In addition to being a star moisturizer, Vichy Aqualia Antiox is made with Citrus Polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant.  So what you are getting is a moisturizer that protects the surface of your skin, and also helps to regenerate new cells.
And there is more!

This 24 hour hydrating lotion contains microspheres that break to release color pigments for an immediate healthy glow.

Which means that this moisturizer enters my much-loved category of tinted moisturizer!
On lazy days, this is the perfect go-to for complexion perfection.

Add vitamins C and E, Vichy thermal water and SPF 12, and you have an anti-aging product that works for MOST skins. I’m a believer.

Vichy Aqualia Antiox SPF 12 get a whopping 5 blings!

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2 Responses to What I’m Loving Now: Vichy Aqualia Antiox 24 Hour Moisturizing Fluid

  1. Sarena February 16, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    I like this product…

    • Tracey Brown
      Tracey Brown February 18, 2011 at 10:15 pm

      Hi Serena–
      I love it too. What is it that you love about it? For me it’s the lightweight feel.

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