What I’m Loving Now: Unite Luxury Argan Oil-It’s Hair Revival in a Bottle

What I’m Loving Now: Unite Luxury Argan Oil-It’s Hair Revival in a Bottle

I think I’m  just about the anti-hair care girl. Oh, sure, I do the big things–deep condition, treatments, masks. I’m even known to wash my hair now and then. My weakness seems to lie with daily maintenance–I have a slight problem with consistency. But then, that may be a conversation for my therapist…

Back to daily hair care. I don’t wrap my hair at night. I don’t even comb it everyday. So, when Tuesday or maybe Thursday comes and I have to face the outside world and I have to get my hair together, I rely on premium hair products to correct my wayward hair.One of those that has become a favorite of mine is Unite Luxury Argan hair oil.
Here are the details:

unite luxury argan oilSilky…Smooth…Healthy. U LUXURY ARGAN OIL by UNITE will give your hair that lasting moisture and instant shine that you thought wasn’t possible. As a natural thermal protector, this oil is amazing for flat ironing, curling, and blow drying. Without leaving any buildup and reducing your dying time…what more do you need? FOR ALL HAIR TYPES Key Features: Reduces Blow Drying Time Extends Color Life Reconstructs the Cuticle Nourishes and Revitalizes Natural UV and Thermal Protector Cannot be overused For all hair types *Made in America

Why I love it:

Using Unite Luxury Argan Oil is nothing less than one lovely sensory experience. The scent and texture of this oil certainly pays homage to its name–it’s luxurious. I happen to be a double pumper, and two pumps of Unite Luxury Hair oil should be overkill, but…

The oil is so rich and concentrated that less is truly more. However, I used more than I needed my first time, but no problem, my hair was so dry that it deserved an overdose of conditioning oil.  To my surprise, my fine hair did not go limp, rather, it was rejuvenated.

I love adding a little of this oil before and after a round with the flat iron too. It obliterates that fried hair smell and keeps my frizz at bay. It just seems to breath life into my hair. Just check out my before and after photos.

Note that the price is worth it. I have used less expensive products and they have not had the enduring value of Unite luxury oil.

Bling Factor:

Pro:Hydrates, reduces frizz, adds shine

Con: May be pricey for some

Price: $47.95

Buy again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings-luxe glass bottle and pre-measured pump despenser

Overall: 5 Blings

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