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What I’m Loving Now: It’s Not a Product–It’s an Amazing Beauty Site

What I’m Loving Now: It’s Not a Product–It’s an Amazing Beauty Site

I have this rare position in life.  I work in the beauty industry.  I’m a product junkie.  I’m a beauty blogger.  I get products to review because I’m a beauty blogger.  But, even with all the beauty goodies I receive, I still love to shop beauty.   More specifically, I love online shopping for beauty products.

I suppose my obsession with online beauty shopping began when I was part of beauty advisor team of Sephora.com in the infancy days.  It’s impossible to be online all day writing about, talking about and selling beauty products without getting hooked on the online shopping medium.

Fast forward—it’s been 10 years since I have worked at Sephora.com, and I still shop there.  And of course I shop at a few other online beauty retailers as well.  I suppose I need a 12-step program.

Recently, I was introduced to a new beauty website that appeals to me in so many ways—Trymbl.  With the popularity of sample boxes and the promise of being able to “try before you buy”, I feel like most of those promises are empty.  They come up short. Fortunately, Trymbl is not a sample box. In contrast, Trymbl is an online store for healthier beauty products where shoppers can try most of the products before buying, without any fees or commitment.

Moreover, you pick what you want to try, while you are shopping. And you are not limited to products with samples! Trymbl also offers trials on full-size products where you can try a full-size product without paying anything. Only if you like the product and decide to buy it, you pay for it.

See those products with the red heart? Those are the ones I have added to my wish list for trial.

trymbl body care

Personally, I don’t feel a sample that barely covers my face is a proper way of trying a product out, particularly a skin care product.  I can’t count the times I have bought a makeup product and been extremely disappointed, but with Trymbl I have been very happy with the ability to truly shop and sample without penalty.

I love the selection of natural and organic beauty products that fit my selective taste.  I happen to appreciate given an inside view to niche beauty brands that I probably wouldn’t have access to unless I went on a very deep online search.  But, who has time for that?

Plus, there are new brands and products being added every month.  I like that the selection is curated, that I’m not overwhelmed when I log on.  Plus, that email I get monthly that tells me how many free trials I have is simply delightful. It’s a great gift that satisfies my beauty junkie shopping habits.

While Trymbl is an invite-only shopping site, still in the beta mode, it’s worth waiting in line for an invite.  I think of it as being an early adopter in a beauty arena where many will be sure to follow.

If you haven’t checked out Trymbl yet, take a moment and sign up.  And when you get that invitation, you will be ever-so-happy.

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One Response to What I’m Loving Now: It’s Not a Product–It’s an Amazing Beauty Site

  1. Angela Garza November 20, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Ok, this sounds too good to be true, but I am loving this idea so much! I usually just throw away any tiny packet samples I receive with my purchases because you are right, how is one application going to influence your decision on whether or not that product is going to work for you or not. Makeup samples are more beneficial because you get an immediate result. I am definitely going to check out this site, it sounds awesome. So glad you did a post on this.

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