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Up in Smoke: Nicole Scherzinger Smoky Eyes

Up in Smoke: Nicole Scherzinger Smoky Eyes

Nicole Scherzinger, of the Pussycat Dolls, works the smoky eye look with a fierceness.  Her brown skin and dark hair lend to the classic smoky eye look with that's based on black eyeshadow and liner.

This heavy-hitting smoked-out eye is not easy for the novice makeup artist, however, with the proper products and tools, getting Nicole's smoky eye look is simplified.

Carlene K., Hollywood makeup artist did Nicole Scherzinger's smoky eye look for the 2010 People's Choice Awards.  She shared the steps to get Nicole's look on her Tumblr blog.

I had so much fun doing this look on Nicole for People's Choice Awards. She performed “Good Girls Go Bad” with Cobra Starship, so we were goin for exactly that, a bad girl look. It was great because when paired with the long bronze gown she wore on the red carpet, she looked like an absolute goddess.


1.  For her skin I used Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation to keep it nice n golden. I used 3 colors, to shade and highlight.

2. I always use a translucent powder to set it, so that it doesn’t change the color of the foundation (RCMA brand). I then used Baked Bronzer from Urban Decay to warm up her skin in the right spots but also to add a subtle glow.


3.  On her eyes I took a black pencil to draw the shape and I then started blending it out. I wanted her eye lid as black as possible so I used Smashbox Waterproof Shadow liner in Smolder all over the lid. I blended it into the crease and outward. Then I smudged it under the eye to give it the smokey look.


Tip: The key to the perfect smoky eye is BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. One trick is to take a dark brown and smudge it at the edge of the black, then use a blending color at the edge of that, something like Naked or Abc Gum from Urban Decay. Blend that color into the crease and up onto the brow bone. Use Matte colors like this on the brow bone and in the crease. 

Tip:  I usually use matte colors like this on the brow bone and in the crease. Shimmers are light reflective, so sometimes when a picture is taken, all you’ll see is shimmer and the color gets lost. I prefer shimmer on the lid and under the brow for highlight. When doing the winged out shape its okay to make a bit of a mess, i know i certainly do.

Once i feel the shape is right, I take a sponge or foundation brush with foundation on it and swipe from under the eye outward. It cleans up all the shadow that fell, and makes the line super clean and sharp. For mascara my fav is Urban Decay Skyscraper Mascara!

5.  We love to get her brows perfect, so I used Urban Decay Brow Kit in Brown Sugar. Must Have Product! It comes with mini tweezers, mini slanted brush and brow wax.

6. For Nicole’s cheeks I used a blush that was a pink gold from Bourjois. It gave her an amazing glow as well.

7.  Since the eyes were so strong, I wanted to keep the focus there, so we went with a subdued nude on the lips. I love Cherish and Myth from M.A.C. I added a touch of gloss by Too Faced, the color was Canary Diamond. Love that gloss, it looks good over any lipstick!


8.  After the red carpet she changed into a super sexy black mini dress, so we wanted to really kick up the look for her performance. I added a swipe of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter liner in Glam Rock, starting in the middle of her eye blended it over the winged black.


9.  I saved my favorite product for last!!! Its what finishes the entire look. It’s important to me when doing my job to have everything look polished from head to toe. So I created a body bronzer on Nicole and the Pussycat Dolls a few years back. Carlene K “Shine Body Bronzer” will be launching online in just a few months!! I'm beyond excited to share it with everyone. Shine Body Bronzer, not only makes you look tan but gives your skin the most amazing glow ever. It dries down completely so you literally feel nothing on your skin and it doesn’t rub off on everything around you.



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