Trending-National Lipstick Day: Gucci Has Your Lips Covered

Trending-National Lipstick Day: Gucci Has Your Lips Covered

If you can’t afford a Gucci purse, there is always the option of  a gorgeous Gucci lipstick that you can pull out of your current purse…

To celebrate National Lipstick Day, Gucci Cosmetics is excited to share the perfect formula for bright, smooth summer lips with Gucci’s Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick Collection.

Moisturized, richly colored lips radiate sensuality on the Gucci face. Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick delivers bold color with an opulent finish. The highly tactile formula is designed not only for the look, but also for the experience.

Melding an incredible moisturizing formula with a precisely sculpted bullet, Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick delivers sumptuously moist and vivid color. Gliding on effortlessly, the sensuous application feels as if it’s melting onto the skin. The formula’s feel originates from its distinctive ingredient blend of more than 65% emollient, lush oils, which when in contact with the body’s heat, melt onto the lips to soften and moisturize. The addictive luscious texture invites you to press your lips together during wear.

Designed with an authentic retro look, the packaging reveals an iconic Gucci Precision Bullet an angled, sharp profile to deliver a precise application of color. The enhanced flat surface on the lipstick bullet area allows for incredible coverage in a single swipe.


• Slips across the skin with a luscious texture

• Contains over 65% rich emollients, lush oils

• Softening sensual feel

• Moisturizes instantly and during three hours of wear


• Palette inspired by fabric swatches from Gucci collections and iconic runway looks

• Intense saturated pigments

• 25 striking vibrant shades


• Iconic packaging with an opulent, long barrel debossed with the famous gg-pattern inspired by retro glamour

• Sculpted, sharp-edged lipstick bullet for high precision contouring

• Enhanced flat surface area for incredible coverage in a single swipe

• Signature gourmand ‘Blue Chocolate’ fragrance

GUCCI SHADES: Exposure, Cipria, Etheral, Libertine, Nude Satin, Crushed Coral, Rush, Iconic Red, Hibiscus Thrill, Heart

Breaker, Tiger Lily, Sinful Blush, Rose Dragée, Boudoir, Lush Maroon, Seduction, Wild Amarena, Superb Dahlia, Sultry

Cocoa, Purpurite

Retail Price: $39




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