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Product Review: Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser

Product Review: Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser

Sometimes my love for glycolic peels, scrubbing pads, and acne-drying products can send my acne-prone skin into over-drive. Though I’m not convinced to (ever) stop incessantly using my skin brightening products, I will allow my skin some time to calm. Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser was exactly what I needed to reduce the aggravation my skin has been going through.

Here are the details for Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser:

Their claim:
Our skincare products, especially formulated for normal and combination skins will help balance oily T-zones and provide hydration for drier cheeks and neck. Enjoy the confidence of carefree, healthy and vibrant skin nurtured by the products we have recommended for you.

My Results:
I’m a stickler for keeping my face routine, but all natural products ease me beyond my habitual fears. Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser is 100% natural and contains Manuka honey (healing properties) and kumerahou (gentle plant cleanser).

Surprisingly, this cleanser had a lingering scent. I don’t like to use any scented products on my face, but the luxurious feel was a nice distraction. Imagine milk and honey formulated. There was a smooth consistency when I poured the cleanser into my hand before gently applying to my moist skin.

I had no tingling sensation when my face was rinsed clean. Actually, the gentle Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser removed makeup and all other residues. I checked. And there’s nothing more I like ranting and raving about than smooth skin—I ended up with that too.

Bling Factor:

Pros: Calming

Cons: Little product for the price

Buy Again: Yes

Price: $35.00

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings

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