To Tattoo or not to Tattoo — Permanent Eyeliner Debate

I had a reader ask my opinion about permanent eyeliner. Well, number one, I have ADD, so I can’t really stand anything too permanent.  (My poor kids) It accounts for my multiple hair colors — including green, which was totally by accident– but nonetheless kind of different.  It also accounts for my need to quit a job at a moments notice and my ability to get fired at a moment’s notice.  (ADD’ers can’t seem to keep their mouths shut when they need to.) But it also accounts for my very long and wide creative streak, for which I am ever so grateful.

Back to the question at hand.  No, I am not a fan of permanent eyeliner.  Here’s why:

Eyeliner tattoo in action

Eyeliner tattoo in action

1.  I don’t want anyone’s needle that close to my eye.  I’m already blind enough.

2.  As we age, our skin droops and so does the eyeliner.  Ewwwwwww.  I could just see my tattooed eyebrows hanging down to my lashes. Hmmm, eyeliner…

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

3.  I’ve seen plenty of BAD eyeliner tattoos.  Remember Michael Jackson?

4.  There are risks in the dyes.  Check out what the FDA has to say.

The FDA said it has reports of more than 50 adverse reactions to certain shades of Premier Pigment brand ink. They include blistering, swelling, cracking and peeling skin around lips and eyes that, in some cases, caused serious disfigurement and difficulty in eating and talking, federal regulators said.

5.  There are sanitary issues.

With that being said, there are many reasons to have permanent tattoo. I have had burn survivors as clients who have permanent eyebrows and lips tattooed on.  Many women opt for tattooing after breast reconstruction.

On top of that, I love makeup.  I don’t want to be stuck with one color eyeliner everyday.  I like blue, green, red, black, bronze and more.  So I need variety which I wouldn’t have with the permanent. Anyone can learn how to draw a line.  I will teach you.

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One Response to To Tattoo or not to Tattoo — Permanent Eyeliner Debate

  1. Coretta Basila March 25, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    Great site! I love tattoos and have a few myself.

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