Team 20/20 Product Review: FAR Botanicals Coco-Mint Shampoo Mask

Team 20/20 Product Review: FAR Botanicals Coco-Mint Shampoo Mask

Are you ready for rich, luxurious, and irresistibly scented hair? FAR Botanicals has the fatty diet you've been dying to have!  FAR (Fat & Rich) Botanicals has by far, the best tagline ever—"Dry hair? Fatten it up!" 

Chocolate consumption is one of the greatest privileges known to man and the FAR Botanicals products we are reviewing smell like chocolate. How can you resist good-for-your-hair products with the a chocolate scent? 

Almost everyone transitioning to natural hair has to become a product junkie. Finding the right ingredients, though, for your natural hair transition is key! Fat & Rich Botanicals, deserves your attention for natural hair care products. 

I recently started using FAR Botanicals Sulfate-Free Coco-Mint Shampoo Mask, and I am loving my hair.  Read why…

Here is the claim for FAR Botanicals Sulfate-Free Coco-Mint Shampoo Mask:

Coco-Mint is a gentle, color-safe, sulfate-free washing cream that clarifies and conditions your hair without stripping it of its vital lipids. Rich with essential fatty acids and moisture loving emollients, this luxurious cleanser forms a smooth, low lather that eases detangling and penetrates the hair shaft to improve elasticity, flexibility, strength and leaves the hair with a natural high gloss.

Formulated with certified organic Raw Cacao, Babassu Oil and Coconut Oil, dehydrated hair will be left lush and soft with less frizz and greater texture definition. Coco-Mint is mild enough to be used several times a week.

My Results:

Short and sweet smelling. The routine with FAR Botanicals Coco-Mint Shampoo Mask is so simple and genius!  Wash your hair while in the shower, but wait to rinse just before getting out.  Coco-Mint Shampoo Mask cleanses AND hydrates without stripping or leaving a filthy film on the hair.  The scent is delicious.


After constant use, an entirely different pattern began to surface in my hair, and for once, I'm positive it was my true curl.

No greater feeling exists than knowing you can rely on a product for healthy results. Top that! Far Botanicals definitely gets the thumbs up and major blings all around for an unfailing, enchantingly scented range of products that are perfect for natural hair!

Bling Factor

Pros: Smells wonderful, contributes to hair health by using proper hydration

Con: None

Buy Again: Yes

Pricing:  $22 

Packaging:  4 Blings. A pump would be stellar.

Overall: 5 Blings

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