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My Eyelashes are Growing — Look out Brooke Shields

So almost two weeks ago I started using NeuLash — a product that promises lash growth.  And I can’t believe that it’s working.  I haven’t used it every night, per the directions, but I am still having amazing results.  Today my daughter looked at my naked lashes and said, “Mom, your lashes are so long!”  I’m sold.  I can’t wait until the tube is gone and I have my lush lashes of yesteryear.


I was gifted my neuLash, but at $150 a pop, it better work.  If you are seriously needing to repair your lashes, I suggest that you check it out.  Unlike the other lash enhancement product out there, you don’t need a prescription.

A couple downsides that are very minimal:

  • My eyelids feel dry in the morning
  • I have a little irritation right after application

Other than that, I’m good to go!  I will post my after picture when I finish the tube.  Look out Brooke Shields!

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