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Circumspect Sunday

Circumspect Sunday (repost): Beauty of Biblical Proportions

Circumspect Sunday (repost): Beauty of Biblical Proportions

I'm not as shallow as I purport to be.  Sure I love cosmetics, towering shoes and big hair — but that by no means defines my ideology of beauty.  I'm sure everyone has had interaction with that woman (or man) who was heaven to gaze upon — just walking beauty.  Their exterior was literally something […]

Circumspect Sundays: My Mom Was a Beauty

Celia Brown — 7/91936 – 6/29 2005. My mom was many things.   Some I didn’t like, we didn’t exactly have the best mother/daughter relationship, even though I was her only daughter– only child.

Circumspect Sundays: Beauty at 96

My granny is 96. She will be 97 next month.  She cuts her flowers in the yard a few times a week.  She cooks her breakfast everyday and dinner most days of the week.  She is quite vital and sharp as a whip.  She is getting frail, but she is at the same time so […]