Purple Reign – Purple Eyeshadow 2 Ways

prince_purplerain_single-704679I’m a baby boomer, so when I think of purple, I think of two things — first and foremost, the man who said “Sexy never left”, Prince.  And I’m a lover of the written word, so The Color Purple by Alice Walker comes to mind.  But as a makeup artist, I am always on the lookout for the perfect wearable purple eyeshadow.  Some purples can make your eyes  look like you spent the previous 24 hours doing all kinds of random partying. 

One woman of style I love to watch is beautiful Thandie Newton.  She is classic, timeless.  Yet, when she does pull the edgy looks out, she rocks them with a fierceness.  Here Thandie is wearing purple eyshadow that is so subtle it seems to illuminate her eyes.  Notice the rest of Thandie’s makeup is muted and soft, even her hair takes second place to the purple shadow.  Yet the whites of her eyes are just that — white, and her eyes do not look bruised.  This ladies is the way to wear purple.



Dior Eye Shadow Amber Plum

Try Dior Powder Mono Eyeshadow in Amber Plum

Go full-on purple with Urban Decay eyeshadow in Flash for an edgier look


 Do you rock purple eyeshadow?  How do you wear it?  What’s your favorite brand?  Share!


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One Response to Purple Reign – Purple Eyeshadow 2 Ways

  1. Mia October 16, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Wild Iris by Dr. Berrettini’s Mendocino Minerals is the best way to rock purple shadow or liner. You can easily use it wet or dry, pair it with Caspar Coral and Trillium for a look that is just like Scarlett J., try it with the more color, Top of the World for a sort-of-periwinkle, or even mixed with Glass Beach Green to create a Khaki that looks great with Wild Iris as the liner. This line is an up and comer that is coming very fast for it’s vibrant colors, easy blending/mixing, and truely healthy formulations. Find all at:

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