Product Review: Smashbox Arced Eyeliner Brush #21

Product Review: Smashbox Arced Eyeliner Brush #21

I have always admired a beautifully lined eye. From subtle enhancing to an all out bold cat or winged eye, similar to the ones made famous by Angelina Jolie and Amy Winehouse. Lined eyes are beauty gold!

I admit, I do NOT have the steady hand needed to draw these beautifully crafted and precision eyes.

Sadly, I have suffered “liner envy” for many years. What may begin as a nicely started often ends in disaster for me. Until Now! Enter Smashbox Arced Eyeliner Brush #21 to the rescue.


Here are the details for this life-saving eyeliner brush:

The Smashbox Arced Eyeliner Brush #21 is gently arched to conform to the shape of the eyes, this precision eyeliner brush defines the lash line with one, quick, easy stroke. 

I was first introduced to The Smashbox Arced Eyeliner Brush #21 at an expo. I volunteered to be one of the models for a Smashbox eyeliner demo, and once I sat down, the MUA whipped out a wonderful little tool. Within seconds she placed a delicate line atop my lids. I was in love!

With The Smashbox Arced Eyeliner Brush #21 pulling and stretching your eyelid is a thing of the past! I would often pull the eyelid and not only make a mistake, but I couldn’t see out that eye for several minutes after. That day I realized I have been going about eye lining all wrong.

Armed with my brush, I headed home to recreate what the makeup artist showed me. (I always say a good product can easily recreate what you have done before.) I was pleasantly surprised as  not only was I able to recreate the perfectly lined eye, but the arched contour made it so freaking easy!

While I didn’t get it in one simple stroke, it was easy enough for an eyeliner novice like myself to get the job done. The bristles, although softer, hold the shape and eyeliner well and does a great job of getting the liner on the lid quickly and neatly.

I have not stopped using my Smashbox arced eyeliner brush. I definitely give it 5 Blings.

Bling Factor
Pros: Very Easy to use. Even a novice can figure it out
Cons: None
Buy Again: Yes
Pricing: $22
Packaging: 5 Blings—I have not stopped using my arced brush. While it does have a protective casing around the actual bristles, I wish it had a storage sleeve.
Overall: 5 Blings



Face Blush by Smashbox at ShopStyle



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