Product Review—Nails: Milani Blue Flash One Coat Glitter Speciality Nail Lacquer

Product Review—Nails: Milani Blue Flash One Coat Glitter Speciality Nail Lacquer

Blue nail polish is pretty trendy right now and I love it! Beyoncé was spotted leaving  Nobu restuarant after dinner in New York City, wearing a beautiful glittery "Ivy" blue polish on her nails that swept my heart away.( I had to have that color.) The blue nail polish that Beyoncé wore officially became  a necessity for my nail polish arsenal. I received a box of items to reviews and one in particular caught my eye right away— Milani’s Speciality Nail Lacquer One Coat Glitter in Blue Flash.

Product description:
Blue Flash One Coat Glitter Specialty Nail Lacquer
Add a little bling to your wardrobe with Milani’s One Coat Glitter. These full coverage glitters will rock your nail color world! Chic and easy, one coat application of highly concentrated multi-sized, multi-shaped brilliant glitter formula.

·Highly concentrated color glitters
·Chic and cool, with rockstar glam
·Long-lasting, chip resistant formula

My Results:
Milani one coat glitter speciality nail lacquer  in Blue Flash is beautiful! The blue is stunning. If you love sparkle and shimmer this is the polish for you. Blue Flash is a fun glitter nail polish that works forday or night.  I wore it on my toes and my fingernails. Blue Flash nail lacquer is very easy to apply. The glitter is fine and not chunky. One coat of this polish is enough but feel free to use as many coats as you like (I normally paint 2 coats). I love the drying time! My nails were dry 5 – 8 minutes later.

Although, removing this polish from your fingernail is not simple I would definitely continue to use Milani’s Speciality Nail Lacquer again. Milani offers a tip on how to remove the polish see the instructions below:
To remove, soak a cotton ball with acetone based nail polish remover. Allow to set on the nail for about 20-30 seconds and wipe outwards, away from the nail bed. Turn the cotton ball over and remove any excess on the sides of the nail. Use a clean cotton ball for each nail so you do not spread the glitter onto the next nail.

Bling Factor:

Pros: The color is beautiful, one coat is enough, quick dry time and cost effective.
Con: Like most glitter polishes it’s not easy to take off… you need to wrap your finger nails in cotton soaked with nail polish remover (use acetone based remover) let it sit for a little while, and then start to remove the polish.
Price: $ 4.99
Buy Again: Yes
Packaging: Easy black wand, regular size nail polish bottle (NET WT 0.45 FL OZ 13.2ml)
Overall: 4 Blings

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  1. Terez McCall June 12, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    That is a really beautiful blue, Qiana. A pretty, one-and-done nail polish sounds like a great buy for busy moms!

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