Product Review—Nail Polish: Milani Jewel FX Specialty Nail Lacquer #584

Product Review—Nail Polish: Milani Jewel FX Specialty Nail Lacquer #584

Bling, bling, bling, glitter here, glitter there. Glitter nails are the the new "black" these days for everyone- from the Blinging Divas like me, to the everyday professional woman, students, and even teens! When I opened my box of goodies to review, I was excited to see I had not just one glitter polish but two! Milani Jewel FX #584-Red and Milani Jewel FX #580-Fuchshia.

Surprisingly enough, I liked both colors and I could not wait to try them. I love all things that shine or sparkle for that matter, so I knew Milani Jewel FX would give me that "Bling" I was looking for when stepping out.

About Milani Jewel Nail Lacquer:

Bedazzle your nails with Milani’s Jewel FX. These chunky glitters give the impression of the finest jewels adorning your nails. Multi-colored glitter sparkles like gems. Large & small particle glitters with faceted jewel like effects.

The Princess Diva's Results:

I like the idea of the Jewel FX Nail Lacquer, I loved how pretty and blingy it made my natural nails appear after I applied the color. The one small problem I did have was when I applied the color, I had to keep applying the coats to achieve the jewel look I wanted.  It took  about 5-6 coats to achieve the "jewel effect."  I have to admit, it was amazingly blingy and pretty.

I am pleased Milani named it "Lacquer" which  is an appropriate name for this polish because I wanted the color to last.  However,  Milani Jewel FX was the devil to get off!  This lacquer was not coming off with a simple swipe of remover, and that means that I can wear for quite some time. 

I can tell you this, you willl not need to worry if this lacquer will chip or come off by doing daily household chores or simply being the Diva you dare to be— IT WILL NOT !  And that was without a top coat, so I was quite impressed.


Bling Factor

Pros: Jewel effect, pretty and blingy

Cons: 5-6 coats to apply, super hard to remove

Price: $4.99

Buy Again: Yes 

Packaging: 4 Blings- Cute, small bottle 

Overall: 4 Blings



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