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Product Review—Makeup: IMAN CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer in Clay Medium

Product Review—Makeup: IMAN CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer in Clay Medium

I’m pretty much a concealer freak. I gotta have it.  You must know that with a great concealer, you can forgo foundation, and more importantly sleep. So, since I have a problem getting enough sleep, and I happen  to imbibe and extra glass of red wine then and again, a concealer in it my top 5 list for must have beauty products.

It excites me every time I have an opportunity to try a new concealer, and the latest concealer from IMAN Cosmetics that I was sent to check out, does not disappoint.

About  IMAN CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer, Clay Medium:

300-8Unique correct and cover delivery system

It starts as a velvety textured powder, then upon application dissolves into a hydrating, soft focus, line filling corrective concealing crme.

As a companion to BB Crme will replace IMAN Corrective Concealers for more advanced light-to-medium coverage.  It features the benefits of an active botanical complex with vitamins and nutrients that even out skin imperfections like under-eye darkness, blemishes and hyperpigmentation while conditioning the complexion.

Featured Ingredients:

  • Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum and Enteromorpha Compressa: Marine and plant extract derived from a South American and the Mediterranean containing essential amino acids, protein, vitamins B, C and E and beta-caroteine to increases elasticity, restores balance, firm and hydrate, while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

  • Poria Cocus: Traditional Chinese Medicinal Mushroom which aids in anti-aging by acting on key factors:  Hyaluronic acid, and collagen to combat loss of luminosity, sagging, dehydration & fine lines.
  • Boerhaavia Diffusa: Tropical Indian herb commonly called in Ayurveda Punar-nava (which means “new again”).  It reduces inflammation, balances skin’s tone andevens irregularities in complexion color.

My results:

From the moment the news was announced that the new Cream to Powder Cc was eminent, I was on pins and needles.  Literally.  Seems silly I know but that’s how excited I get over new beauty products.

When I finally received my CC Correct & Cover Concealer in the mail, I had to play with it immediately.  And play I did.  Opening the package there was not only a cute little shaker-type bottle of concealer in a powder formula, but a well-designed sponge for application.

When applying makeup, I ordinarily apply my concealer after foundation as I need much less product.  But I wanted to give this IMAN concealer a run for it’s money, so applied it on bare, unadulterated dark circles.  On first application, I wasn’t so impressed, so I went over it again with a second.  And I still wasn’t impressed until I snapped a photo.  Then I realized that my faulty vision was probably the culprit on round one.

BeforeMy circles were gone. Zip, nada, zilch.  Totally covered.  The creamy finish is amazing—it does not make your eyes look dry and settle in fine lines, or worse yet, create lines.  Hate that.

As for wear, IMAN CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer  wore like any pro concealer should.  For hours.  And hours.  Until I took it off.  I like that.

As for application, I have to say it’s a bit messy. I’m not fond of loose powder products because I always make a mess.  But, at least with this powder, it’s minimal for me.  I shake the powder onto the top of my hand, then use the sponge to pick it up.  So, I have this trickling of powder.  I suppose I will the knack soon, after all I am a makeup artist.  I should not be “trickling.”

I haven’t use this concealer long enough yet to find out about correction and anti-aging benefits, but if I do experience that benefit, I will update this review.

Over all, this is an innovate concealer!  4 Blings!

My photos: On the left, before, and on the right, after.

Iman Cc concealer afterBling Factor:

Pro: Covers, unique formula, color match

Con: A bit messy to use, for me at least. Needed layering.

Price: $15

Buy Again: No, but I still think it’s a great product. Prefer a tube.

Packaging: 4 Blings

Overall: 4 Blings

Hero Ingredient: Poria Cocus: Traditional Chinese Medicinal Mushroom

Natural/Organic/Vegan: Some natural ingredients included

Cruelty Free: Yes

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