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Product Review—Makeup: Bobbi Brown Party Shimmer Brick

Product Review—Makeup: Bobbi Brown Party Shimmer Brick

New Year’s Eve just passed, but if you’re anything like the team here at Blinging Beauty, you no doubt have plenty more parties and gala events to attend throughout the year.  Over the holidays, and while planning my New Year’s Eve “look”,  I tried out some new products that would give me a glowing and flawless look all night.

Silver and gold instantly come to mind when I think of New Year’s, and while it is quite simple to find gold bronzers to illuminate the skin, I found it a bit more difficult to find bronzer that had the perfect balance of silver and gold.

Bobbi Brown cosmetics hit the proverbial nail on the head when they released the Party Shimmer Brick as part of their 2011 Party Collection.
The silver and gold combo was like a party in a palette to me so I had just had to try it.

Here’s the details about the Party Shimmer Brick:

Party Shimmer Brick $40

What it is:
A high-luster powder for the complexion.

What it does:
For the holiday season, Bobbi Brown adds Party Shimmer Brick to her iconic collection. This shimmering combo of silver and gold will brighten your face for an instant glowing effect.

My Results:
My senses were overjoyed upon feeling the texture of the Shimmer Brick,it felt soft and silky to the touch.

Often times I test a product on my hand to get a feel for it and see if it’s something that may work well on my skin so I was all too thrilled to find that the shimmer powders blended well and were buildable if I so chose to add in other colors.

Deciding to blend the colors for an under brow highlighter was perfection, with just the right balance of color and shimmer. The “gold” shimmer powder is highly pigmented so you’ll want to apply the color sparingly.

In addition to great color and texture, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick lasts a full 8 hours without diminishing in color or rubbing off which is perfect for the party.

Bling Factor:
Pros: Color Pigmentation, Longevity
Cons: Price
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $40
Packaging: 5 Blings — The packaging really draws you in with the Martini glass and shaker it screams party!
Overall: 5 Blings


Makeup by Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

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