Product Review—Hair: Motions 3 Step Heat Styled System for Natural Textures

Product Review—Hair: Motions 3 Step Heat Styled System for Natural Textures

I have recently embraced my natural curls full-on. I have deterred myself from heat styling and aggressive detangling in exchange for learning how to care for my naturally beautiful hair. This process has not been a cake walk. Trough months of trial and error I finally figured out a routine, only to destroy my curl pattern in a few places with the flat iron.

That incident happened back in March of this year. Needless to say, I was more than a tad apprehensive about using the Motions Smooth Finish product line. (The blogger kit that we received at Blinging Beauty included a flat iron!) In fact, it sat under my bathroom sink for almost a week before I got up enough nerve to try it.

After nearly a week of telling myself, “it’s only hair, it will grow back,” I took the plunge. On wash day I decided to forgo my usual co-wash with tea tree conditioner and went for Step one of the Motions three-step Heat Styled System for natural textures.

prep step

About Motions Straight Finish Cleanser:

Motions Straight Finish™ Cleanser

The Natural Match For

• All natural hair types

• Hair that is unmanageable and easily tangles

The Benefits

• Shea butter and Keratin infused formula gently cleanses, softens and conditions

• Helps ease detangling, softening and elongation of tight curls

This step protects hair from heat damage by strengthening the cuticle. It also works to clarify hair; it is important to have squeaky clean hair before flat ironing for best results.


Here is my hair after washing:

Chelsea after washing with Motions straight finish cleanser shampoo

Motions straight finish step 2 protect

Motions Straight Finish™ Leave-In ConditionerStep two is “Protect” , a leave-in conditioner infused with coconut oil and keratin. This step helps to keep moisture in the hair after washing. And again, the keratin is there to help strengthen the cuticle and protect the hair shaft from damage and to reduce frizz. This step can be applied to wet, towel-dried, or air-dried hair. Following this step it is recommended that you blow dry your hair for best results.

About Motions Straight Finish™ Leave-In Conditioner

Formulated for natural textures, with Coconut Oil and Keratin, this leave-in formula adds a layer of strengthening moisturizers that helps protect the hair before heat styling.
The Natural Match For
• All natural hair types
• Hair that is brittle and lacks moisture
The Benefits
• Intensive leave-in formula for added moisturization, with Coconut Oil, Keratin and Argan Oil
• Gently loosens tangles and softens coils.

Here is my blow out:

Chelsea after blow drying with Motions Staight leave in conditioner

The conditioner felt amazing and I sensed that it was doing its job. My hair felt soft and my curls were bouncy.

The third and final step before flat ironing is called “Seal”. This step is a heat protectant that is infused with almond oil and keratin.

step 3

Here is how this step works:

After following each step it was time to flat iron. *insert long pause here* I almost chickened out again, but I went through with it! I was very happy with the way the flat iron included with the blogger  kit worked. It only took one pass, two passes in some places, to straighten my curls.

Motions Straight Finish™ Sealer

About Motions Straight Finish™ Sealer:

A heat straightening serum formulated for natural textures and infused with Almond Oil and Keratin. Helps retain moisturization and control frizz.
The Natural Match For
• All natural hair types
• Hair with frizz and without shine
The Benefits
• Formula with a blend of Almond Oil, Keratin and Argan Oil leaves hair smooth with lightweight body.
• When using heat to straighten the hair, the formula minimizes frizz and leaves a luminous shine.

The flat iron included with the blogger kit is by ISO. It is a 1 inch ceramic tourmaline flat iron that comes in purple. It’s from their Turbo Silk line of heat tools. It has floating plates which are a MAJOR PLUS, and it’s very light weight. Using this flat iron, was able to straighten my entire head of curls in about 45 minutes, half the time of what I am used to when I flat iron at home.

Here is the finished product:

Chelsea-after-flat-ironing-with-Motions-Staright- use this one

Bling factor:

I have to say that I will be reintroducing heat to my hair care regimen thanks to Motions! I kept my curl pattern by using their products in conjunction with the instructions and flat iron in the kit. I am a very happy beauty blogger!

The system WORKS! I had no heat damage!
The packaging is totally luxe. I felt special when I got the box! It’s gifting-ready!
The instructions are easy to follow, clear and concise.

Cons: None

Price: Each products sells for $6.99

Buy Again: Yes
4 Blings

Overall: 5 blings

This is a use-again, buy-again product set. I love it

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  1. Curvatude August 10, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    awesome review! i think i am going to give this system a try

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