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Need a Foundation Match? Check out Vapour Organic Beauty’s New Comp Service

Need a Foundation Match? Check out Vapour Organic Beauty’s New Comp Service

One of my favorite brands, Vapour Organic Beauty is launching a matching service that is pure genius. (Actually I have thought of it for years, I just don’t have a brand…Investors—hit me up!)

To help you find your perfect shades, Vapour is launching a new complimentary service to help you discover the best foundation and concealer for your skin type and tone. Vapour’s Atmosphere Luminous and Soft Focus foundation collections and Illusionist concealers have gained significant attention for gliding smoothly on the skin and blending in seamlessly for gorgeous results.

Available in a wide range of shades, you will notice more evenly toned skin that looks beautiful and feels soft to the touch. Vapour’s all-natural moisturizing base allows for essential minerals to move and breathe with your skin, allowing for a delicate play of light for a sophisticated glow.

Note: If you use this service and mention my blog, Blinging Beauty, you will receive a free concealer!

Here’s how the consult works:

Gain instant access to Vapour’s beauty team by visiting Send an email to responding to the following questions and attach a photo. Vapour’s experts will evaluate your information and photo to help determine which Vapour products are best for you!

– Where you fall in the shade chart (to the right):

– What is your skin type (dry/oily/combination)?

– What is the climate like where you live (dry, humid, temperate, etc.)?

– How does the sun affect your skin when you don’t wear sunscreen (always burn, tan, burn-and-turn’)?

– What is your current foundation brand and shade (i.e. MAC Cosmetics, NC30 etc)?

For more information about Vapour Organic Beauty, please visit

About Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty features a luxury collection of products that contain a minimum of 70 percent organic ingredients. Each formulation utilizes the purest, food-grade and certified organic ingredients to offer maximum efficacy and elegant texture while respecting the environment and its resources. From the raw materials to the final packaging, each step in the process adheres to responsible practices, including utilizing wind power and sourcing recyclable and renewable packaging materials.

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