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Love Accessories? Shop Trendenzas

I don’t do much blogging in the way of fashion or accessories, but when I was contacted about Trendenzas, I had to check it out.  First of all, I’m not really a trendy girl; I consider myself more a classic girl with with a neo twist.  I don’t like retro—been there done that.  But I do like accessories that are timeless, ones that fit with my classic sensibilities.

So I gave them a hard time at Tredenzas, challenging them to send me a piece of jewelry that I would actually wear.  And you know what?  They met the challenge.  I was completely shocked.  I’m not a small girl, so I don’t go in for petite jewelry.  I need what I categorize as significant jewelry.  And significant I was sent.  Check out this ring.  (ohhhh, make note: need handcream!)
Not only is it significant, but it’s black faux jewel—my favorite faux colored jewel.  The charmingly weird thing about this ring too is that is’t one-size-fits-all, but not like that hokey stuff you used to have to push together to make it fit.  No, this ring has elastic inside the metal, so you don’t even notice the sizing aspect.  LOVE!  GENIUS!

I also received some chic earrings which I plan on wearing soon.

So here is the deal with Tredenzas:

The trends are reasonably priced and are a variety of jewelry, purses, scarves and other accessories and IMHO worth checking out.

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