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National Hair Loss Month: Solution for Thicker Looking Hair

What feature, other than hair, can draw unfettered attention and stir decades of controversy? The gossip factor seems to grow exponentially when the hair is bigger than life, colorful, out of the norm.  

The debate over hair has even polarized black women into communities of  those who advocate "natural", versus those who still partake to the "creamy crack" and those who opt for hair of the sew-in sort.

There are memorable moments in hair over the years—ones that either prompted us to emulate them, or to think we would never succumb to allowing our hair to become more social commentary than a fashion statement.

The iconic afro of Angela Davis in the 60's.  


Bob Marley's dreadlocks. 

Farrah Fawcett's feathered blond bombshell hair.  

Lady Gaga's reptilian green hair. 

Rihanna's gargantuan fire-engine-red hair.

Nicki Minaj's (pick one) pink/green/blue/blond hair.

This group of hair-raising headliners has produced more than a few double-takes.  

Similarly, a stark lack of hair—skinhead, an alopecia victim, a child who has gone through chemotherapy—can cause us to look twice.  

It's commonly said that a woman's hair is  her "Crowning Glory".  Women are stereotyped by their hair color: "Gentlemen prefer blondes… but gentlemen marry brunettes."  ~Anita Loos

I'm not offended by all the dumb-blonde jokes because I know that I'm not dumb.  I also know I'm not blonde.  ~Dolly Parton


Often women cut their hair on their own volition after a break-up or to signal a change in circumstance.  But experiencing unexpected hair loss is a big deal.  Hereditary hair loss affects some 30 million American women and 50 million American men, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. We are about mid-point into National Hair Loss Month and summer is coming to a close, so it's an ideal time to assess one's hair health.  

After days at the beach bathing in salt water, swimming in damaging chlorine and basking under the harsh rays of the sun, even a full head of healthy hair will show signs of damage. Protect and repair your strands to keep them looking as full and healthy as possible and even prep them for the cold, dryness of winter months to come with Bosley Professional Strength, a comprehensive hair preservation regimen for men and women to help achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair.

The line includes:

An arsenal of daily-use thickening shampoos and conditioners for color-treated and non-color-treated hair, with special formulations for both minor thinning and visible loss to combat hair loss every time you shower.  

Styling products to help create volume and thickness, for style that holds up without weighing hair down.


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