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Manly Man: Summer Fashion Tips

Manly Man: Summer Fashion Tips

Guest post by Holly Tomlinson. Holly is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness writer looking to help readers make positive changes both physically and mentally. Her insightful content about healthy living, delicious recipes, and mental acuity is made for every type of reader. Years of experience as a wellness guru and numerous dietitian courses have given Holly valuable insights and strategies that she can use to help boost the accuracy and relevance of your health-related blog.

If you haven’t gotten around to clearing out and revamping your closet this spring, it’s never too late to start. Summer is almost here, and it’s time to catch up with all of the latest trends. Pool parties, summer barbecues, and trips to the beach are just a few of the activities you have to look forward to. So if you’re ready to dress to impress this summer, here are some fashion tips that will keep you looking good no matter the occasion.


Leather and metal bracelets are a great way to accent your wrists without getting too flashy. Traditional gold and silver bracelets have a timeless classic look that never fades. However, try not to wear anything too bulky; after all, its summer and you don’t want something too heavy on your wrist while you’re playing volleyball on the beach.


Watches are the best way to look trendy and stylish this summer. Arguably the only men’s fashion accessory genuinely worth having, watches haven’t lost their elegant appeal through the years. If you don’t already own one, pick up a gold watch this summer. Thanks to the current trend of high quality watches for lower prices on the internet, you won’t have to spend a small fortune to get a good one.

Boat Shoes

Flip-flops and sandals are great, but boat shoes are better. If you’re in need of some trendy poolside footwear or something to wear to the farmers market, boat shoes are the way to go. Not only do boat shoes look better than sandals or flip-flops, but they also offer more comfort and support.


The thick material of denim jeans can often be too hot during the summer months. Chinos are the perfect solution when you want to wear pants without overheating. Chinos are light and comfortable—perfect for summer birthday parties or Sunday brunch. When it comes to purchasing a pair of these exceptional pants, aim for a skinny fit that isn’t too tight. Roll these pants up at the ankle to draw attention to your new boat shoes (and work on your ankle tan).

Swim Wear

Hopefully, you plan on jumping in the water at some point this summer. Whether it’s a pool or a lake, make sure you look stylish before every cannonball. How often do you get to cut loose and wear something with a crazy pattern or whacky colors? Take advantage of the summer and expand your wardrobe. Grab a pair of board shorts that are eye-catching and flashy so you stand out in the crowd.

Light Suit

Summer is the peak of wedding season. Unless you want to overheat at your cousin’s wedding in Martha’s Vineyard, you’re going to need a light suit. Summer-weight wool, cotton, or linen material should what you’re looking for when it comes to finding a summer suit. You’ll be much more comfortable in the sweltering heat, and you can avoid looking like a sweaty hot mess with a light suit.


Rather than slathering your face in SPF 50 sunscreen, opt for a quality baseball cap instead. Twill sports hats have made a serious comeback in the fashion world recently. If your dad doesn’t have one lying around in his closet, you can find a variety of these stylish revamped hats at places like Urban Outfitters.

Shoes or Sandals?

Unless you have well-manicured feet, boat shoes are a much better option for social gatherings. However, there is nothing wrong with a pair of flip-flops for a quick trip to the pool or the beach. Boat shoes are the perfect way to show a little ankle with a pair of rolled up chinos at poolside BBQ.

Short Sleeve Collared Shirt

The short sleeved collared shirt is the perfect thing to pair with a pair of shorts or chinos for any summer event or outing. You can find a wide variety of patterns and designs for this particular style, allowing you to express your unique look.

Don’t be just another average Joe at your next beach party. Use these helpful hints to revamp your wardrobe for a stylish summertime look.

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