LA Loves: Sephora Perfecting Eye Primer

LA Loves: Sephora Perfecting Eye Primer

My oil-slick eyelids are one of my biggest beauty battles. Transforming them into a canvas of primed perfection is a chore. I haven't been able to find an eyeshadow primer that could completely eradicate the grease and cease the creasing.

I’m not exactly asking for my dream eyeshadow primer to be a type ddb (double duty beauty) or even a type tdb (triple duty beauty) but if it wants to go the extra mile, I’m certainly not complaining!

I had been convinced that the quality of the Sephora Collection would not match the quality of the other cult and innovative products they sell, and now deliver thanks to the Sephora Same-Day Beauty Service.

A beauty fairy godmother knew of my struggle and sent me an eye primer from her Sephora specialty stash.

The details for Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer:

What it is:

An impeccable base for the eyelid and under eye area.

What it does:

This first step to smooth, lasting eye makeup works beneath shadow to make it more vibrant and crease-proof, and gives concealer extended, flawless wear. Formulated with a special blend of filling spheres that draw moisture to plump fine lines, it also contains anti-aging actives help to reduce fine lines with continued use. Meanwhile, light reflecting chromospheres minimize skin imperfections, brightening dark circles, de-puffing, and creating an overall soft-focus effect.

My results:

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer is a beacon of light. I cannot turn a blind eye to the amazing abilities of this multitasking, matte shadow base. Slight discoloration and dark circles on my eyelids were immediately brightened. For a night of partying, Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer is the best first-step-prep for eyeshadow application. 

Anti-aging actives are included in this creamy primer and the black, opaque packaging with a pinpoint opening is ideal as it protects the product. I have not used this eye primer long enough to notice if it can truly can reduce fine lines,  but I did notice the few lines under my eyes did seem to be plumped upon application.

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer did a fantastic job keeping my eye makeup crease-resistant, silky and blendable. Usually, I have to worry about my eyeshadow creasing after four hours of wear. However, when using his long-lasting eyeshadow base, all my makeup stays fresh, including my eyeliner. Even after eight hours,  this eyeshadow primer continues to deliver. Sephora Collection eye primer made me see the light!

Bling Factor:

Pros: Brightening, anti-aging, double duty, keeps eye makeup vibrant, creamy, dries to a matte finish, blends easily into the skin.

Cons: None

Buy Again: Yes

Pricing:  $14

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings


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