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Fragrance Review: Gucci Guilty for Women

Fragrance Review: Gucci Guilty for Women

Arrest me. I’m guilty. I cheated on my signature scent and have been having quite an intimate affair with Gucci Guilty.

Most times, I wear fragrance for the reaction it elicits from anyone close enough to get a whiff of how lovely I smell. And those fragrances are few and far between. I love warm, woodsy dark scents, although I have been know to have a date with a floral oriental on occasion. For years, I wore men’s fragrance, as I couldn’t find a woman’s fragrance that was heady enough for me.

The key to my scent attraction is a deep and lingering dry down. And that’s exactly what I found with Gucci Guilty.

Here's a description of Gucci Guilty:

Made for the woman who shatters expectations, this fragrance imbues a feeling of power, a sense that she can attain whatever she wants—even the thrill of the forbidden. A sheer, floral-oriental fragrance, it opens with a bright burst of citrus and a dangerous hint of black pepper.

This arresting introduction gives way to full-throttle femininity as its heart pulses with fruity and floral notes. The fragrance dries down to a rich, ambery base with notes of patchouli. The overall effect is young, stylish, and eminently wearable—a daring edge of sexiness and sensuality that captures the essence of Gucci.

Why I love it:
When I applied Gucci Guilty to the base of my throat, I knew immediately it was my match. The scent was slightly floral, but the deeper notes stuck with me. I loved Gucci Guilty on my very first encounter, but would others find it as lovely as I did?

Yes! I went to a networking event the night I first wore Gucci Guilty and men and women both asked me what scent I was wearing. One guy who was standing near me said, “I have got to get away from you. That perfume is turning me on.” Good boy—he was married. But he did ask for the name of the fragrance because he wanted his wife to “bathe in it.” (He was fine too. I hope his wife appreciates that!)

A little Guilty goes a very long way. No doubt this is due to the patchuli at the base. And of course a dash of black pepper adds just the right amount of spice.

You heard it here ladies. If you want to get the guy, get Gucci Guilty.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Lingering, sexy fragrance
Pricy but worth it
Buy Again:
Yes (have him buy it!)
$75 for 1.6 oz.
5 Blings—the bottle is a work of art
5 Blings

Get Guilty:







Here's the director's cut of the ad if you care to peek:

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