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Fall Makeup Trend 2009 — Be a Gold Digger

goldIn an era when China is buying up all the gold it possibly can to solidly back its paper currency, those of use who are reduced to acquiring gold in the beauty aisles need to step up our game. One of the many, many makeup trends for Fall 2009 is working your personal bling style in heavy metal — gold to be exact.  The trick of course with any “trend” is to not overdo it.  Check out  how to incorporate the gold makeup trend into your everyday looks as well as how to rock it while having a night on the town.

Every brand from prestige to mass market drugstore has some gold bling that can be easily worn day into evening.  The key of course is application technique as well as knowing when to go all out and when to keep your look understated.

So let’s work it ladies; let’s get our gold digger in full effect.  Here are my top 5 choices for best in Gold.



LORAC Luminzer Gold

LORAC Luminzer Gold

1.  Face
Let your face glow with the gold.
 I’m not talking greasy shine, but a natural lit from within glow.  I know, it sounds corny, but it looks beautiful.  Your friends will ask you what you have been doing….Get this look by adding a subtle sheen to your skin with a liquid liminizer.  Use under foundation or mix with your foundation.  You can also apply on the top of cheek bones for highlight.   Be sure you use a light hand, you don’t want to look halloweenish.  I love LORAC Luminzer in Gold.  This Luminzer is gorgeous on all skins, but is particularly gorgeous on tanned, olive and brown skins.  Only $28 and lasts forever.


2. Blush

Try a blush that boasts double-duty properties  with a touch of gold shimmer.  For a glowing complexion or to create shimmering accents, NARS The Multiple in South Beach  is your go-to product.  A creamy stick of apricot shimmer that dries down to a velvet finish, it’s the perfect pick for subtle gold highlight and color for your cheeks. $37  I should also mention that while the price may seem steep on the Multiple, these makeup sticks from heaven last a lifetime! 

Black Radiance Mineral Shimmer

Black Radiance Mineral Shimmer

3.  Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Honey

Urban Decay Honey

Go for bold gold on your eyes.  Check out Black Radiance Mineral Shimmers Eye Shadow in Radiant Gold.  $4.99 These loose shimmer pigments are almost identical to MAC’s loose pigments for a fraction of the price.  Black Radiance Mineral Shimmers Eye Shadow has received rave reviews on Makeup Alley and I am personally a fan of the wearabilty as well as the color saturation of this product.  If you feel a little shakey using loose powder may opt for a traditional eyeshadow like Urban Decay Honey, a glistening gold.

4.  Lips

Keep the lips shimmer on the mild side, particularly if you are already rocking gold on another part of the face.  Try Stila Lip Glaze in Banana, a gorgeous shimmering gold.  I love these lip glazes — they are just the right consitency, not too tacky and not too greasy.


Nuxe Gold Shimmer Dry Oil

Well, I’m sure you don’t want to suffer the fate of Jill Masterson who was suffocated by Goldfinger after being painted in gold.  So let’s keep body gold on the lighter side.  I love, love, love Nuxe Gold Shimmer Dry Oil.  I put this oil in my hair, on my skin — literally everywhere.  It gives the most gorgeous golden glow to all skins and moistruizes both hair and skin as well. $39



Estee Lauder did a whole collection of Gold Products for Fall 2009, so that may be a one-stop shop for you.

Estee Lauder Fall 2009 Gold Collection
Estee Lauder Fall 2009 Gold Collection

 Do you wanna be a gold digger?  Share your favorite gold beauty bling!

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    Wow, was that picture from Goldfinger? I love gold as much as the next gal but that may be too much. Great post by the way.

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    gold always looks great on dark complexions

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