Product Review: Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation

 I haven't been a big fan of mineral makeup. Some of the loose types have given me an aura of holographic-esque pink tones with an incandescent glow.  Sort of a radiated look.  And I don't mean radiance, I mean like I was too close to some nuke activity.  Then there are the ones that give me that ghostly disappearing act when I look at myself in a picture.  So, I have stuck with the traditional liquid foundations and powders (easy on the powder) for my personal use. 

However, the other day, I was in Tarjay with my kids and went to my favorite spot — the end cap in the beauty section.  It was a major score for me.  I found L'Oreal HIP lip glosses for under $2 as well as the cream pigments.  But the real score for me was the Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation.  I was a naughty girl.  I opened the bottle in the store and tried it.  I mean it was in the gotta go bin anyway, right?  Well, Honey Beige Medium 4 was a winner.  And it was $1.98,  so I scooped up all three of 'em.


Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation

My results:

1.  Great coverage.  I mean I covered stuff that I normally use concealer for.  SCORE!

2.  Velvet finish, slightly luminous.  No need to powder, my skin was smooth.  

3.  SPF 18.  I'm a die hard when it comes to sun protection, and 18 is all good.

4.  Little plastic bottle.  I like that I can just thow it in my makeup bag and it isn't too bulky.  And yes, I recycle.

5.  Color selection.  Even my chocolate brown daughter found a shade that was perfect for her — not too red, not too ashy!

6.  Price is right.  I got mine under $2, but with the regular price being under $8, it's a bargain at full price.

Bling Factor

Pros: Provides perfect coverage and all-day hydration, makes skin clearer, smoother and more radiant, lightweight, buildable coverage, great for sensitive skin, does not clog pores, provides SPF 18, does no contain oil, talc or fragrance

Cons: None

Buy Again: Yes

Price: $8

Packaging: $5

Overall: $5

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