Editor’s Picks: March Madness Final Four—4 Must-Have P.M. Skin Care Products

Editor’s Picks: March Madness Final Four—4 Must-Have P.M. Skin Care Products

College basketball is far more exciting than any NBA game. Ever.  With, perhaps, the exception  of those back-in-the-day “Prime Time” games.  That was serious balling. (If you don’t know about “Prime Time” please leave a comment below and I will hip you.) So, being the cosmetic cray cray I am, I am mad for skin care and makeup. My March Madness extends way beyond mid-March to April.  It’s an 365, 24/7.

So here you have it, my Final Four.  For every night.  For beautiful skin.

 Blinging Beauty March Madness Final Four skin care layout

1.  Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm $34

I am a self-admitted scrubaholic.  I exfoliate almost everyday, and Miracle Skin Tranformer Microderm is gentle enough to use daily, but potent enough to keep my skin clear and smooth.


What it is:

A micro-exfoliant that polishes away dead skin cells, leaving skin radiant and smooth.

2.  AmorePacific ‘Time Response’ Eye Renewal Creme $260

I started using eye cream several years ago and still don’t have a line around my eyes (I’m 55).  AmorePacific Eye Renewal Creme is not only luxe in price, but luxe in results. Just a dab goes a long way and it moisturizes for hours on end.

What it is:

A powerful, anti-aging creme that renews the area around the eyes taking years off in just days

3.  Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum $58

One of my anti-aging goals is to keep my skin bright and clear.  Using Jurlique Radiance Serum insures my complexion is clear and bright.

What it is:
A powerful concentrate designed to naturally even skin tone and deliver healthy-looking radiance.

4.  Vapour Organic Beauty Restorative Treatment Essence $90

I was so leary of using an “oil” on my skin until I tried Vapour Beauty Essence.  This serum is the next best thing to you-know-what for waking up with glowing skin in the morning.


What it is:

This unique and exclusive formulation instantly restores skin’s vitality while enhancing skin health over time.


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