Blinging Beauty Deals: Sibu Beauty at 35% Off!

Blinging Beauty Deals: Sibu Beauty at 35% Off!

Have you heard of Sea Buckthorn? Well, it happens to be one of the hottest ingredients in skin care at the moment.  I have used Sibu beauty products for a hot minute and love the beauty oil and the facial soap.  I am still working on trying the rest of the products. However, right now Sibu is offering a 35% discount on their products, good until tonight.

Sibu Beauty is a 100% natural line of beauty and wellness products based on premium Himalayan sea buckthorn berries…complete with Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9; over 190 bio-actives and Vitamins for beauty from the inside-out and outside-in! All of Sibu products are gluten, dairy, paraben and cruelty-free!

About Sea Buckthorn:

The sea buckthorn berry fortifies itself against the elements by producing an array of powerful nutrients. With over 190 bioactive compounds, sea buckthorn is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9. And it’s a rich source of the elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, an essential fatty acid vital to collagen production and healthy skin, hair and nails.

Sea buckthorn is a natural product with 1300 years of traditional uses with the modern scientific research to back it up. Our superior processing techniques and our premium and exclusive source of sea buckthorn allow us to create a revolutionary group of beauty products.

Fantastic Friday!

Sibu Beauty at 35%!

Orders must be placed by Midnight Tonight November 5, 2010!

Get a jump on the holidays and/or pamper yourself.

Use code: red35 during checkout

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