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Beauty News: Lancôme Introduces 3 New Blush Subtil Palette Blush & Glow Trios

Beauty News: Lancôme Introduces 3 New Blush Subtil Palette Blush & Glow Trios

Looking to create beautiful cheeks with endless blushing effectsLancôme’s latest Blush & Glow Trio, available in 3 flirty palettes – Ménage à Trois Flush, Ménage à Trois Kissed and Ménage à Trois Glow – helps you to create the perfect,natural yet sexy glow for every mood and every occasion.

Need the perfect day to night glam look? Ménage à Trois Kissed has a flirty pink for the essential day look and a sexy golden peach shade to take your style to the next level for a night on the town. With a warm variety of shades that apply flawlessly for day or night, Ménage à Trois Glow gives you a flawless complexion. For an elegant, natural look be sure to warm your cheeks with Ménage à Trois Flush.

Looking to blush some more? Lancôme National Celebrity Makeup Artist, Darais has some great tips to create your own blushing look:

  • In winter months, you should take a break from your bronzer, especially if you are going for a natural beauty look.
  • For light skin use Flush, for medium skin use Kissed, for dark skin it’s all about Glow. Apply shade 1 softly to the center of the cheek apples.  Use the second shade to buff and blend over it in a soft pressing and swirling motion.  Less is more with shade 2.  Use shade 3 to highlight on the cheek bone, brow bone, and inner corners of the eye.
  • You can also set lipsticks with these blush shades for longer bleed proof and more matte wear. Just lightly dab it on your lips to give you a great shine without lip gloss, or even under lip gloss.

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