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ADD and Blogging Don’t Mix

ADD and Blogging Don’t Mix

adhd-shirt-logo-lgI guess I was feeling all high on life after I saw Julie and Julie when I wrote my blog two Sundays ago.  For some insane reason, I decided that I was going to blog for 60 straight days.  What on earth possessed me to say such a thing?  I know myself — I'm the poster child for ADD.  Not ashamed of it in the least — it gives me a reason to excuse all my failures in life.

Anyway, that promise to blog for a specified time period was silly.  Add'ers are notorious for being gung-ho on a project and then just abandoning it for seemingly no good reason. Kind of like the blanket I crocheted when I was hospitalized for three months after a horrific car accident.  The moment I left that hospital, I threw that thing in the garbage.  As a matter of fact, when I first got diagnosed with ADD, right off the bat my doctor asked me how many jobs I had in the last 10 years.  When I ran out of fingers, he politely told me "never mind."

So Monday, I was all set to start writing.  And start I did.  Over, and over, and over and over again.  Maybe I really didn't fail in my task to blog, I just didn't finish any of the 10 topics I started.  Another downfall of the ADD'er. Too much action going on in the brain.  And that was even with medication.  So, after several attempts at sounding like such an expert in beauty or makeup or whatever the heck I was writing about, I just threw in the towel.

The good news is that I have lots of stuff to expand upon.  I have to look on the bright side, I have material for at least another week of blogs.  Look out.

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