What I’m Loving Now: Victoria McGill EyeNourish Eye Treatment Collection

What I’m Loving Now: Victoria McGill EyeNourish Eye Treatment Collection

If you read my bio, spend the night with me or check out my blog rants and you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am a fool for a good eye cream.  I have my favorites, but I am ALWAYS on the hunt for another eye cream.
I have certain criteria that I look for in an eye cream:
Anti-aging properties
Pumps are preferable
Quick absorption
Moisture retention throughout the day

Recently I hit the trifecta of eye creams—Victoria McGill EyeNourish Eye Treatment Collection of three eye treatment products, each with  distinct properties.  I love that you can use one of these genius nourishing eye treatments, or layer and rotate them for day and night usage.

First about the collection:
1. EyeNourish Anti Aging Renewal Therapy
Size: .5 ounces
Price: $58.00
· Advanced formula with PRO GRADE maximum potency
· Skin is firmed, lifted and hydrated
· Fast-acting, soothing and effective defense
Contains lots of fabulous anti-aging, calming, hydrating and firming ingredients.

Click here to read about those ingredients.

2. EyeNourish Under Eye Renewal Serum
Size: .5 ounces
Price: $62.00
· Instant firming proteins and multi-peptides work fast
· Dark circles are illuminated and kept away
· Fights puffiness too
Contains almond proteins. Those with nut allergies should avoid almond proteins or consult their physician.
Ingredients and how it works.

3. EyeNourish Intensive Firming Treatment
1 ounce*(shipped in two bottles)
Price: $88.00
· 4-Phase formulation for maximum impact
· Powerful Active ingredients deliver fast, visible results
· Lightweight, rapidly absorbed and comfortable
Ingredients and how it works.

How I use these eye products:

For daily use I use the Anti Aging Renewal Therapy.  At night I layer this cream over the Renewal Serum because I have horrible dark circles.  Every other night I use the Intensive Firming Treatment.

Why I love them:

The Renewal Therapy keeps my eyes hydrated all day. Even though its absorbed into my skin, the residual hydration lasts for hours.  I can then layer my concealer on top without it looking heavy or my concealer sliding.

The serum relieves puffiness almost instantaneously and is so sheer that laying the renewal cream on top is a seamless experience.

Now for my FAVORITE product—the Intensive Firming Treatment.  If you love products that you can feel working, this is the one for you.  The first time I tried it, I could feel the lifting and tightening, seriously. And that’s what makes me happy—knowing that my treatment is working because I can feel it.  Now, the tightening is not just a temporary sensation, there are cumulative benefits that lead to diminished lines.

(I am so crazy about that feature that I’m working it in this little furrow I have between my brows. Three kids…)

The packaging is another plus with the EyeNourish treatment products.  The air pump bottles insures that you get the right amount of product and you don’t have to contaminate your product by dipping into it.

Victoria McGill’s website is informational and user-friendly with tabs that show results you’ll see, why it works (ingredient info), directoins, works with and tips.

On top of all the good stuff I can say about the product, I have to say that the founder and creator, Victoria is so very sweet and passionate about making the best eye products on the market.

Pro: Anti-aging, hydrating, contains state-of-the-art ingredients including peptides
Con: None
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $$$
Packaging: 5 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings



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