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What I’m Loving Now: Phytospecific Ultra-Repair Night Treatment

What I’m Loving Now: Phytospecific Ultra-Repair Night Treatment

My hair is no stranger to abuse. My ADD ways seem to manifest themselves on my hair.  One day it’s black, the next blond.  One day straight, the next curly.  Well, all that extreme styling can take it’s toll on even the toughest hair.  But, having fragile textured hair, I find myself repeatedly damaging my hair and then having to resuscitate it.

I recently tried Phytospecific Ultra-Repair Night Treatment and I was amazed with the results.

Not only was my colored and highlighted hair revived, but it happened seemingly overnight.  The abuse from blow dryers and flat irons has taken a back seat to soft shiny hair.  I’m so pleased. My once straw-like hair is actually soft and manageable.  Sort of how it was before I started treating it so terribly…

Here’s the claim for Ultra-Repair Night Treatment:

What is it: As a result of constant styling and exposure to environmental stresses, curly, frizzy, and relaxed hair, which is naturally fragile, becomes damaged and brittle. Night is the ideal time to help restore its natural defense mechanisms.

Who is it for: For damaged, brittle hair.

Why is it different: Created with a dual repair technology. Awake to stronger-looking hair that feels supple and hydrated.

How do I use it: The repairing technology exerts an intensive action. Used three times a week, it delivers continuous results. Use on dry hair. Spread a small amount of product over the palms of your hands and apply evenly throughout hair. Do not rinse.


Phytospecific Ultra-Repair Night Treatment gets a whopping 5 Blings!

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