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Trending—Earth Day 2014: Eco-Friendly Brands—Clarins & Thierry Mugler

Trending—Earth Day 2014: Eco-Friendly Brands—Clarins & Thierry Mugler

Today is Earth Day, and what better time than to acknowledge some of our favorite eco-conscious brands. Clarins and Thierry Mugler are both brands that practice sustainabilty and with eco-friendly practices.

Clarins Double Serum harnesses the power of Mother Nature with 20 pure plant extracts to make the essential anti-aging product for your routine. The unique pump mixes the oil- and water- based ingredients on the spot to match your skin’s natural balance. This innovative natural process keeps your skin hydrated and bright – never oily.

Plus, the packaging itself is eco-friendly! To avoid unnecessary paper waste, all reading materials are printed directly onto the inside of the box.

Clarins Double Serum

Thierry Mugler’s Source – a state of the art fragrance fountain – allows customers the chance to refill their favorite perfumes instead of getting rid of their precious bottle after they run out. The newly redesigned Source offers a sleek and high-tech service while keeping 1,505 tons of bottle waste from landfills each year.

Refills of Mugler’s favorite scents, ANGEL eau de parfum and ALIEN eau de parfum, are already happening every 7 seconds worldwide! In addition to saving the environment, the Source can make an impact on your wallet as well, with savings of up to 40% with refillable perfumes.

Thierry Mugler’s Source

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