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Trending-Date Night: Try Outre Quick Weave Complete Cap Joy for Sexy Hair

Trending-Date Night: Try Outre Quick Weave Complete Cap Joy for Sexy Hair

Need an idea for sexy date night hair?  Always wanted to do something new that will have your hun  or date for the evening left breathless?

Blinging Beauty partnered with hair company Outre to help create a sultry look for your next night out. I was sent the Outre  Quick Weave Complete Cap unit “Joy” in a super sassy burgundy ombre color as inspiration for a sexy date night look. Wigs like Joy are great for date nights. You can get ready-to-go hair that can be styled in seconds, leaving you extra time to spend on the other essentials of the night such as your nails, makeup, and outfit.

To achieve this super sexy look, I rocked a one-shoulder ruffled black HM dress with black school girl Nine West heels. For an added bling, I put on my favorite beauty-supply faux diamond studded hoops  and black studded bangle from Forever 21.  I used my favorite Milani Smooth Finish Cream-to-Powder Foundation. On my eyes, I applied a turquoise accent eyeshadow and lined with Milani EyeTech Extreme Eyeliner. To finish off the look, I applied a bright red Black Radiance Lipstick in Reggae Red to spice up the look and add a final touch to an already flirtatious outfit.

 The key to this look with Outre Joy  is a smooth finish foundation + lightly shadowed eye + bold eyeliner + bright sexy red lip.

Why Outre Joy is the Perfect Wig for a Date Night:

Date night hair is all about going beyond what you’d normally rock for the day. It’s about being daring and alluring at the same time. Here are three things that really made this unit stand out for me.

The Color:  I loved this unit’s dark burgundy ombre color (DRT1B/2U). What makes it special is that it’s not your normal ombre experience. The burgundy and dark brown is layered throughout the unit and not just a typical “fade to color” ombre feel. On the top of the head, there is a burgundy and black mix, making the top half of the head burgundy heavy. The black undertones toward the back of the hair smooth out the brightness of the rest of the unit. If you want a creative way to play with color, this unit (and color style) is it.


The Cut. When you’re on a date, you do not want to have to worry about fixing your hairline or checking to see if you’ve sweat out your hairline. The side swept bangs of Outre Joy  are perfect for creating a peek-a-boo flirtatious look. Side bangs are also flattering to a variety of face types and blend well with the curls making the hair appear very elegant.


The Curl. There’s something about curls that catch the eye and make the face pop. While straight hair is cool, curls give an added personality and playfulness. This unit’s wanded ringlets are loose yet defined and bouncy – the perfect combo for date night night hair.

What are you waiting for? Check out some more date night photos with Outre Joy below and go plan your next night out!

About Outre Quick Weave Complete Cap Joy

Outre Quick Weave Complete Cap Joy is mPrintade to be self-styled in 60 seconds.  Outre Quick Weave Complete Cap units are “better than a weave and can be done anywhere, anytime by yourself without help.” The hair is made of High Tex, a heat resistant fiber and is safe for use with curling/straightening tools up to 400 degrees. Joy includes easy-to- use combs for securing, a comfortable elastic band, and ear contour.

Color of unit: DRT1B/2U

Bling Factor:

Pro:  True to color. Curls are long-lasting and bouncy. Minimal tangling. Can use curling iron for restyling.

Con: None.

Buy Again: Yes.

Packaging: Comes in standard reusable see-through wig packaging with net.

Overall: 4 Blings

This wig is available in local beauty supplies and online wig stores nationwide.

For more information about Outre Joy click here.

Connect with Outre online:

Twitter: @outrehair
Facebook: Outre 
Youtube: Outre Hair

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