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Trending-Breast Cancer Awarenesness Month: Made From Earth is Supporting Susan G. Komen Foundation

Trending-Breast Cancer Awarenesness Month: Made From Earth is Supporting Susan G. Komen Foundation

For month of October, Made from Earth will be donating $1 from every order to the Susan G. Komen charity. 

About Made From Earth:

We are a forward looking company that specializes in organic skin care products. Our goal is to enable people to make the right choices about the right skin care products.

rosehip-detoxWe limit our line of products to just the best the organic market can offer in face treatments, body lotions, hair, bath and lip balms. It has been our honor to work with the best eco-friendly, environmentally conscious and recognized people in the health and beauty industry. Our company is based on the same healthy values from the day we started: excellent customer service for high quality and healthy ingredients. It is our objective to continue to grow by providing exciting new formulas and treatments to serve our healthy customers.

Our line of organic skin care essentials contain the highest possible levels of organic ingredients and fruits. We have searched the entire USA for ingredients that meet our earth-friendly requirements and are hand-selected to provide you with exceptional skin care. You will find our complete ingredients listed prominently on each product page. No catchy phrases or deceptive marketing; our ingredients speak for themselves.

Our ingredients / plants are from organic farms. There are no toxic ingredients in our products. There is no diluting or watering down of our potent organic plant ingredients. There is no synthetic coloring agents or fragrances, or paraffin and other petroleum products are permitted. Preservatives from synthetic sources are not permitted, such as Parabens (propyl, methyl and ethyl).


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