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Travel Essentials: The Best Fragrances For Your Purse or Suitcase

Travel Essentials: The Best Fragrances For Your Purse or Suitcase

Another long weekend is upon is and packing a full-size fragrance for three days away is totally unnecessary. Not with the plethora of pint-sized fragrance choices ready for the taking (on your trip). TSA won’t confiscate these sexy scents because they are sized just right.

5 Travel size fragrances we have road-tested (no pun intended)…

1. Organic Fragrance

Vapour Organic Beauty Spirit Scent N°1 $40

vapour beauty Spirit Scent N°1

A seductive unisex solid perfume that showcases the mysterious beauty of Haitian Vetivert. Spirit Scent N°1 begins with earthy, woody and herbaceous notes. It evolves with body heat to reveal a velvet heart of rose topped with bright citrus.

2. Double Duty Fragrance

Michael Kors Rollerball & Lip Gloss Duo $25

Michael Kors Rollerball & Lip Gloss Duo

The innovative double-ended tube contains the gloss in one side and the fragrance in the other. It fits neatly in a purse or makeup bag and is ideal for travel.

3. Fragrance For the Single Girl

(read my review here)

Gucci Guilty $27

GUCCI Guilty Travel Spray

The overall effect is young, stylish, and eminently wearable a daring edge of sexiness and sensuality that captures the essence of Gucci.

4. Citrus Crush

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Lavanila Fresh Vanilla Lemon Rollerball $19

LAVANILA Fresh Vanilla Lemon Rollerball

5. Subtly Sexy

(read my review here)

Thymes Lotus Santal Cologne Rollerball $19

Thymes Lotus-Santal-Cologne-Rollerball-0300330107-360

Lotus Santal cologne rollerball reveals subtle rays of plum wood and patchouli as sandalwood, cocoa orchid and red lotus blend together in a peaceful stillness.


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